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Finding it tough!

Hi everyone, I have completed WK6 R3 on Tuesday. I managed it all (on treadmill) but it killed me. Completely shattered and wheezing for the last five mins. I was elated I had completed it as WK5 R3 I found really tough too. Following this run I had pain from my ankle to half way up my calf on the inside of my leg. I am sure this is not shin splints but some other strain. I was due to do my WK7 R1 on Thursday but went to the gym and did some cross trainer work out instead. I have decided to rest legs for a few days but I am not sure if this is a detriment or not. Has anyone else experienced this? I am not sure which run I should do when I am back in the gym next week. Head says to repeat WK6 heart wants to carry on!!!

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I found this too, and I was really worried about W7R1, but I decided that I would just do my best and maybe run a little slower. Also, as it is hot I decided to wear lighter clothing and drink more water just before doing it. Incredibly, this seemed to make the difference and I felt so buoyed up after I had done it that I could hardly believe it was the same time as W6R3.Hopefully this will happen for you too!!Good luck.


Thank you so much for your support it means a lot to me. For the advice of course too.


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