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Finding wk6 hard


I've just completed session 2 of wk6 but I am really struggling this week. I have managed to run when needed and had mental battles in my head about whether or not I could finish the sessions. (This was happening during running lol). I think its partly due to being tired. I am off work this week, still getting up at 6.30 to go out for runs but also having quite full days doing other things. May put my feet up today!

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Don't worry, we've all been there! Have a bit of a rest today and even tomorrow if you fancy it! It'll all sort itself out in the end and you'll find it falling into place again.

Loving the tags - I've needed my 'mental running head' for the last couple of weeks myself!


Don't worry PHP the head gremlins still get me. Just take it slowly and remember you did W5R3 so week 6 is also achievable. Good luck on make sure you take your rest days


Hi PHP - oh how I sympathise with you! I struggled with the week 6 gremlins but finally managed to override them last week. I have found it very hot to be running outside, especially as I can't seem to pace myself very well. If I struggled to finish a run or (hanging head in shame in here) didn't finish it at all, I just re-did that run the next time. I know it will take me longer to graduate, but at least then I know I'm ready to move up to the next run.

Have patience and faith in both yourself and the programme ... you will get there! Good luck!


Have a day off or a lie in. There's no need to kill yourself, this is supposed to be fun

Week 6 is a bit of a different animal. It will soon be over then you can forget it and move on

Gremlins! No such thing. It's just a bad run. If you refuse to acknowledge that there are such things as Gremlins then they won't enter your head in the first place. If there were such things as Gremlins - and one tried to enter my head - I wouldn't let it in. I'd tell it to just bloody well try it. It would be so scared it would retreat with it's tail between its legs.

You'll soon be at week 7 and that's the programme licked. Batting down hill after that towards glory

Take care PHP, be slow and enjoy yourself

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If you're not rested enough then it's easier for the gremlins to attack and it makes for a fairly ordinary run... best to rest up properly and then try again... forcing yourself out there when you're not 100% is a recipe for a "less than ideal" run... :)


Not that Gremlins exist of course... :)


Thanks all for your replies and support. Definitely hsving a lazy day tomorrow before the next big one on friday.


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