It was better!

W6R2 complete! After my first run of Wk6 being the worst ever, I am well and truly relieved to complete run 2. I wouldn't say it was easy but it was a big improvement on the last run! Thanks to all of you who actually got my chin up off the floor after run 1, as promised I completed run 2 for ALL of you. Could do with any tips for the dreaded Wk6R3 which is Thursday morning early, to avoid the heat, any advice will be gratefully rec'd :-)


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16 Replies

  • I've just returned from my W6R2 and it was much better than my W6R1 which was harder than I was expecting. I even managed a bit of a sprint for the last minute. I enjoyed it.

    I'm looking forward to W6R3 - I'm just going to take it slow and keep telling myself it can be done - thousands of people have done it before me by following the plan.

  • WTG Jaybeetoo!!!! It's a fantastic feeling to finish isn't it?

  • Hi JayBeeToo. Well done on your completion of W6R2. Your looking forward to W6R3! Can't say I agree....... This forum has been superb for responses and it appears like you have said take it slow. I will drag myself out of bed Thursday morning and hope with the right mental attitude I will be able to do it. Best of luck with your run as well, keep me posted :-)

  • You go gurl!!!!! Well done, I knew you would do it!!!! Soooo pleased and proud of you :D

  • There seems to be a small group of us at exactly at the same stage. I'm relying on all of you to keep succeeding, that gives this overweight girl hope. Come on, we can all do this :-)

  • Congratulations to you, teabreaks and jaybeetoo! I have run 2 tonight, hopefully will go as well as all of yours. The 25 mins in run 3 does seem a little daunting, but I'm guessing if we can do 20 minutes, we can do 25! Good luck everyone :)

  • You will do it! I actually have a days rest ready for R3! Slightly daunted by the thought, just need to get into a positive mind. I did follow the comments about slowing down in run 2 and it helped. Best of luck, it will be easier than run1 :-)

  • I was just wondering where all my week 6 buddies were! Well done all for finishing run 2, I'm going to do mine tomorrow. I'm struggling a bit as my phone has died, no MapMyRun, no Laura...I did run 1 holding a little pedometer so I could see when the time was up. It was horrible, I kept thinking I was nearly there only to find I'd only done two minutes...add to that that the sound of my tortuous breathing that the music normally drowns out for me lol. Hope fully my new phone should arrive tomorrow, probably not in time to set it all up etc before it gets too hot to run (35C expected here tomorrow, must get out early in the morning)

    Keep me posted all!

  • Good luck for tomorrow. You can do it!

  • Thanks for your support, I am really worried about this Wk6R3. 25 minutes is going to seem like a life time. Good luck to you as well. I will post you if I complete it B-)

  • Good luck for tomorrow, we are relying on you to complete it :-). I find my breathing gets louder the quicker I go. I am actually dreading this Wk6R3 early am tomorrow. 25 minutes is going to seem like a life time. Will let you know if I do it. Best of luck for tomorrow, post your week 6 buddies we are there for you.

  • Well done Milan & Teabreaks - told you it was OK if taken steadily and surely!!!!!!!!!! Well done to all the other Week 6ers too! :)

    I won't get my W6R3 done until Saturday (yesterday was swimming, today was my fitness class session and tomorrow is my gym session) and as I only run once or twice a week I think you'll all pull ahead of me, but I shall be with you in spirit whenever you hit the play button.

  • Hi Mamma Mia! Thanks for your posting. Everyone is so positive on here. I've got this dreaded W6R3 tomorrow am so the oxygen is on stand by. I will let you know if I succeed. Best of luck for Saturday.

  • You've already mentioned the best advice - early run when it's cooler, and don't rush. Really these are the winning things as far as I'm concerned.

    And of course a positive attitude.

    You've done great to reach this point, as have Curly and Teabreaks :-)

    Looking forward to hearing about your next steps.

    :-) :-)

  • Hi pinkangel16, thanks for your posting. I really am going to have to do positive thinking. I'm panicking even now, I just hate the thought of failing. I'll take it slow and hope it's not too hot. I will report back once completed. You guys really do help encourage me and it's much appreciated x :-)

  • Yay! My new phone arrived yesterday, got MapMyRun and the podcasts downloaded already! And I was able to change the language to English - I'm in France and feared I would have a horrible French keyboard lol! Just drinking my tea, then I'm off out! Laura awaits!

    Mamma Mia, I'm interested in your post, you say you are doing swimming and fitness classes too, I also swim and wondered at what point exercise becomes too much....I'm trusting my body to tell me, but I wondered if I should stop all other exercise until I've finished the 9 weeks.. Like you I normally only manage 2 runs in 7 days, so we'll e behind the others together!

    Milan5881, don't forget - head up, look around you and SMILE!!! Good luck.

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