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This week's park run

To all those doing the park run on Saturday 'Good Luck' and I'll be cheering you on (virtually that is). Pom poms are at the ready!!! Let us know how you get on.

Unfortunatley, I am having to pull out. Sorry to let you down but I can from previous experience say I know that you can do it!!!

For the last couple of weeks since doing runclub on a Tuesday and park run on a Saturday I've had really sore legs (mainly calves / shins) in between. They only just start getting less sore and I go out again. I must look a site walking around, steps have been particularly hard! Therefore, as they are still sore today I've decided to be sensible and rest properly (may squeeze in 20 mins on Sunday if they are better by then). Not sure why this is happening but it is probably a comibination of going that much further with the running club and not doing proper warm up / cool down. I will have to make sure I arrive earlier in future and just do a quick walk around the block / park before the start and remember to do my stretches after.

On a separate note run club this week was particularly hard. I couldn't breathe for the first 30 mins and wanted to cry & give up BUT I didn't. The group are lovely and encouraging and wanted to make sure that this bad one hadn't put me off coming back..aahhh how nice! It hasn't! Also, I voiced my concern about holding everyone up, being at the back etc etc and was told not to worry about it I was doing fine!! Also when checking how far we'd gone on my Garmin the leader told me we'd gone much further so perhaps it hadn't been working in the woods??? I am happy to believe him and that probably explains why it's been so hard...8km!!!!!!

That's my waffling over for now. Hope you all have a fab weekend and enjoy the lovely weather (when you aren't running!!).

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Sounds like you need to take it a bit easier Ali, sensible to sit this one out I think. I ran 8k this week too and boy it's tough (especially in this heat). Your running club sound like a lovely bunch.

Me and Oldgirl are running the Aberdeen parkrun together this week so will report back on how we get on. :)


Good luck for tomorrow. How nice that you can run together!


It might be that you've increased the long-run time by more than 10% each week, unintentionally because of the running club. I have noticed in the past that graduates who increase their time with a jump usually find that they do suffer more with aching knees/legs/everything, sometimes even injure themselves seriously.

Lots of rest and you'll be fine, I'm sure. :)

Maybe you could join the 2nd June 5k park run club!!


that is my aim! also don't want to have to miss run club next tuesday as they go to the pub after :)


Excellent incentive to rest up and make it to the next run club!


Rest up you. I agree with TJ thoughts on the increasing over the 10%. If you have a word with the running club organiser you might be better understanding the route and breaking off from them to get you to the pub first whilst they do the extra distance? I had a word with my running friend who runs with a club and her club do that for folks and it works (they should look after you, 8k really impressive but not if you want to cry... and you getting hurt... :(. :) x )


Hello!!! I do think it's a combination of increased time and not warming up / cooling down properly!! I intend to arrive earlier on Tuesday and do my own warm up. However, last Tuesday's nightmare was I think alot to do with the heat too! Have rested up and legs feel good so went out for 20 minutes...was fab as wasn't thinking about distance just did a nice little loop.

Don't think the club encourage you to break off and head back on your own (safety reasons). My problem would also be as we are running through the country park / countryside i don't know my way yet so would end up doing more Ks as i'd get lost lol

I am looking forward to Tuesday's outing

How's things with you? :)


:) needed my butt kicking, I let way too much get in the way. Didn't get myself out for 10 days (shocking behaviour) Been out today though for 30 mins so happy with myself again. Excited about Septembers c25k running meet :)


Me too. Sure it will be fun!


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