Couch to 5K

Here's hoping I've turned a corner

It is fair to say that I've been struggling over the last month or so with motivation & sore shins. I've only managed 2 runs a week and this last week only once (was a bit poorly) and each time I've gone out on my own I've given up after a couple of kms. With this turn of events I've started to get very nervous about the 'race' I'm doing next's the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge at Battersea Park (any one else doing it?) and worried I'll be so slow (keep warning my colleagues that they be in the hospitality tent 20 mins before me!). I think it's 5.5km, so I know I can do it just need to stop the doubting voice in my head.

However, tonights run with the running club has restored my faith (hope I can keep it) as did lots better than before. We did about 4.5 miles and I only walked a couple of the hills. To top it off I managed to push myself hard to run further up them than I thought I could do before having to walk. So all in all really enjoyed tonight...this is why I keep plodding on.

Will be doing the Parkrun on Saturday with the hope I can beat my PB. Would love to do 36 mins but anything faster than my previous best would be fantastic.

I'll pop in on Saturday and let you know how I get on and will write a race report post Wednesday!

Keeepppppp runnnninnnnggggggg

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well you are certainly back that fantastic good luck on Saturday.


I so know how you feel! It's so easy to quit and not push through like I used to do.

I plan to go back onto c25k and regain the stamina I once had.

Good luck with the race and pb :)


Good luck Ali. We can compare park run results...


wow - great distance and determination. Good luck, I bet you'll be brilliant. Mostly I hope you enjoy it (even before you get to the hospitality tent!)


the hospitality tent (beer and bbq) is what made me agree to do it lol


Maybe they'd agree to set up for our C25K run in Sept? I can see that being pretty motivational...


WOW that's really good going - best of luck for both runs :)


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