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The battle is won! Beer talk and w9r3

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I too am joining the many people who are graduating today! Today was my final run of the program and I decided to celebrate by actually keeping going until I had actually run the entire 3.1miles / 5km. I must admit to being quite proud of my 32:24 time for my first 5k ever. Never would have imagined this when I started this eight weeks ago.

I have to admit I didn't start this program for the usual reasons (although I'm not complaining about the weight loss so far!). My main motive was to claim some time back for me. I have three children, one of whom is disabled and an extremely part time father. Ive had to give up my career, my hobbies, my friends; everything that was me in order to give the 24 hour care my son needs. But a couple of months ago I decided to be selfish and claim some regular time for me especially now I have finally found a school that has the resources to cope with my 'spirited' boy.

So now I again have a hobby! Not only that but I have been able to see something through to completion for purely selfish reasons. And the icing on the cake has been this community. You are all so inspirational. I have thoroughly (and will continue) enjoy reading all your blogs and watching you all go through your individual adventures.

To anyone who doubts that they can do this I would seriously say, ''If I can do it then anyone can!'' Physically I was 18st when I started. Smoked for the last ten years. Ive lost over 2 stone (I spotted my collar bones for the first time in years the other day, I took a picture lol) and have dramatically cut down on the fags and I know that I will stop completely soon (such is the massive boost in confidence this program has given me in regard to what I'm capable of doing).

So I raise my glass to you all, cry some happy tears and toast the many, many more miles to come! :)

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congratulations on graduation and a fab time you completed a 5k.

Well done to on getting a bit of me time back and putting it to such good use.

You enjoy your drink and cry happy tears I know I will next week.

what a journey in 8 weeks and just the start of great things to come! very well done and many congratulations on all the changes you have managed.

WOW - Well done and carry on being "selfish". Everyone around you. including you, will benefit from your sanity break.


Fantastic! Good for you! You deserve the break that running will give you. Its an amazing hobby - and with health benefits! Really pleased for you :)


congratulations on every level - fantastic time for your run too.

Congratulations. Time for yourself is the most important thing. I'm glad you've realised this before the years have slipped by :)


Congratulations and bloody well done you


Fatrunner, many, MANY, congratulations on graduating. There is nothing selfish in having a little time for yourself every day. You will find you are a better, fitter, more tolerant, patient, lighter and definitely happier mum and that has got to be worth some "me time" hasn't it?

Respect on the commitment and the weight loss. B210k next?



Wow!!! Congratulations, what an inspiration you are! It just goes to show what can be achieve with focus and determination. 32:24mn, you have every reason to be proud!


You are such an inspiration! Am only on W3R3 (tomorrow) but these blogs keep me going. You give yourself a massive pat on the back and I will send a virtual one....


Congratulations Fatrunnner (Much-thinner-runner?!) You are an inspiration to us all! I graduated too yesterday and am thrilled with myself tho my 5k time was much slower than yours - Wow! Well done and keep up the the good work. :-)


awww well done to you .i hope people doubting them selves will read this and get inspired . ;-)

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