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What has happened to me???


Despite Thursday nominally being one of my regular running days, I haven't managed to get out on a Thursday evening in the past lots of weeks - and tonight didn't look like being any different as I had a day in London with a good friend so did more than twice as much walking as normal.

But by the time I got back from taking Younger Rainbow to her gym club, I figured my legs actually felt ok, and I wanted to go for a short run. An hour after announcing my intention and starting to get ready I finally managed to leave the house and get going - just as the church clock was striking ten!

I'd decided to go with the w5r3 podcast, and to aim for 15 mins, with 20 as the real target if possible. It was tough, but I kept going. And in the last ten minutes I relaxed and let go, then in the last five really pushed harder. So ended with a smidge over 3k in about 23 mins. Happy enough with that!

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That is late to go for a run and after a day in London! I am impressed by your dedication, well done. I haven't been able to run regularly for a while, for lots of reasons but managed a slow 5k this morning. So that makes two of us happy! :)

OldflossAdministrator in reply to skysue16

Go you Sue!! Are you back home now ?x

skysue16Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Yes, back home and enjoying some lovely spring weather, although mindful of the 'lambing snows' that might catch us out!


Impressive, and after a day in the City..lots of walking there :) Well done.

I love a good 3K, because, certainly for me, it is a distance where you can experiment with speed a bit...

A very good time.. especially for the time of the run! :)


Nice one there! So late in the evening too, you really are a runner. 3k is my fall back distance if i need to make it a quick run, i try to up my pace throughout so the distance is far enough for me 😀👍🏼


It was funny to realise that in my mind anything less than 3k wouldn't really be enough to satisfy me that I'd done a 'real' run! Such a change from a few years ago... :)

Legs are quite tired today - but that's OK. (Truth be told, all of me is very tired today!) There's time for them to recover before Sunday's run... :)

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