Well, what happened to me in 5x50? I forgot to run!!

Firstly a huge well done to those who put in some serious running on the 5x50, your results as posted by greenlegs were fantastic.

I on the other hand rediscovered the joy of my racing bike, my turbo trainer and almost totally forgot I was a runner!

I guess I kind of missed the point and now it has been over 10 days since I had a run. Before 5x50, I was running 3 days per week, but with very much needed and cherished rest days. Mentally and physically I need these days and really struggled in the early weeks.

Result: very little running and lots of bike work.

Now I have to motivate myself to do something more. Since the end of the challenge, it has been terrible weather where I am and pitifully have done nothing.

So much for making exercise a habit, I need to get back to my 5k runs and progress them somehow to longer or quicker: question is what is best?

Any thoughts from a stalled runner welcome!


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  • But you'll be so much stronger now, increasing your running distance and/or times will be so much easier now! So, don't beat yourself up about have a few rest days..enjoy the next 5k and build it up again from there.

    Perhaps also enter for a race?! That should help liven things up a bit ;)

  • Thanks for your post. Maybe I will consider a race. I will do my standard 5k and see where my fitness levels are.

  • I also did less running during the challenge. Now it is over I have been running more again; I guess I felt I couldn't run every day and if I was really busy I just logged my cycle to work and back which was 5k. I'm trying to get quicker; so I'm doing intervals for one run per week and then easier runs for the others.

  • Sounds interesting. I saw a while back about interval training. I may try this too.


  • I cycled a lot during 5x50 too, shinjin, mostly because I find it easier to cycle than run. I'm back to running and am revisiting the 5k+ podcasts which give me the structure I need. Have you tried them! If not, why not have a look? :)

  • To be honest I have not looked at the 5k+. I will try and download and give them a go. I went from c25k to my music with the occasional reversion to Laura when I got into trouble.

    Thanks for the post.

  • You know if you like your cycling and your in an area where you can why not mix them together and do some cross country with bike. Very extreme but lots of people do it and it will get you very fit. If you swim you could also try a mini triathalon further down the line. I think if you have become just a little jaded with an exercise you have to shake it up and make it more exciting ;)

  • I actually did a treadmill then turbo session on two occasions in the 5x50 I always said if I dipped my toe in the pond it would be a mini triathlon.

    Seriously though, I am not a strong swimmer, so that would really be a challenge and then some.

    Thanks for the post.

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