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W5R3 : against the odds and weird feelings

Ok so I probably shouldn't have run today, especially the mega step that is W5R3. In fact yesterday whilst curled up half passed out on the bathroom floor with a stomach bug, I decided that I was going to forgive myself for missing a day or two between runs (Yes this is how much this program has got under my skin!). But after continuously hydrating yesterday and waking up this morning feeling absolutely normal I decided to go for it. I must thank sfb350 and emzylou for the sterling advice on my question on this yesterday. You guys rock :)

Well, I only went and run the entire 20 mins!! And I felt perfectly fine throughout, with the exception of sweating between my fingers really annoying me but the strangest thing happened when Laura came on to tell me that I had just run 20 minutes... I felt like I was going to cry!? I had gone into the run not expecting anything and I wasn't particularly euphoric or relived. It was just bizarre.

I think at least I'm beginning to see just how much of a difference this running malarkey is having on my overall health. The last time I caught one of the kids stomach bugs I was out for weeks yet now 24hours later I feel like yesterday was just a dream. Or at least it has made me aware of the importance of hydration. So thank you to all you guys out there :) Heres to week 6!

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Yeahy well done! I't's all easy from now on ;-)

Your welcome to the advice that's what we're here for! Hydration is the key. I always drink 2+pints of water even on my days off.

I am off on my last 25min of week 7 tonight, then it's onto week 8!


Yea! Well done you. I blubbed at the of weeks 5 and 6, I think its the emotional release when you start to believe that you can really run.


Well done, not many people would have had a go so soon after than nasty bug, you should be very very proud!


Good work! I often get the wanting to cry feeling - it's strange as sometimes I feel I've just reached my limit by the end of the run and cry because I'm sore and tired, but then it changes into happy tears. I tend to cry when I'm happy (strange!) - so I think that it is endorphins doing their bit.


Oh well done ! Very excited for you :-)


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