Couch to 5K

Week 1 Run 1

I've finally bitten the bullet and completed my first run! I've had the podcast downloaded for some time but have spent the last week in the gym preparing and i thought that the first run would be difficult but its clear that i am more unfit than i though. In saying that, i did really enjoy it getting up early and this fine weather did help,going to do a short session in the gym tomorrow and an hour walk and then back to running on friday. I am looking forward though!

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Well done on getting through the first run - I'll be honest, when I did W1R1 I was shocked at just how hard I found it! It does get easier though, and before you know it you'll be able to run for three minutes, then five, then eight... :)


Well done on starting, it can take a while. I asked for a stopwatch at Christmas, got my running trainers for my birthday in March and then finally started the middle of April, I obviously like to think about things.

You may be surprised about how quickly you get fitter, this program seems to work what appear to be miracles or that is what it feels like to me!

Good luck for your next run.


Huffed and puffed through my first run, now running twenty minutes. Enjoy the journey - you will be amazed.


Many thanks for all the encouraging comments! really good to hear that a lot of people have stuck the course and have really felt the benefits, In response to Dansmum comment i think i shall be asking for some decent trainers for my birthday next month.

I'd also be interested to know if people have found that it has helped them to shift weight? ithink my main priority is to get fitter but would be interested to know whether people have decresed their waistlines over the nine weeks?! thanks again for the positive comments.


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