Can't believe it, I have signed up for 10k race for life at Temple Newsam Leeds on 30th June which leaves me just 5 <pinching self> weeks to prepare. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Panic...breathe...right feeling calmer!

Got cajoled into it at work, I think they thought I'd bottle it but quite obviously I've lost the plot.

Now I have to make this happen, I've decided that I'll use the Bupa 10k plan starting on week 3 as I've been running 30 mins a week for the last 3 weeks which is the same as week 3 of the 10k plan.

Off I went today as usual for my 30 min run. It was very hot at 5pm so I thought I was going to melt but I managed 4.4k which is slower than my usual but didn't want to push too hard and make myself feel ill.

So here I go, I've made a start, it kind of feels like being back at the begining of the c25k plan but I managed that so maybe I can to do this too?!? Watch this space...


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20 Replies

  • YAY! I've got a 10k race the week before; we've all gone barking mad :P

    It's fun to stick to a training plan though, and you're right, it does feel a bit like starting the C25K plan; fear of the unknown!

  • Glad to hear I'm not alone in my madness! I have to say I felt a little cut adrift so to speak without the C25K plan, but now I know what I'm doing it should be easy...OK maybe not easy but definitely more straight forward. How are you preparing for your 10k, any tips???

  • Very worried. This plan breeds a kind of sanity ... two months ago I would have thought you were bonkers but now awe!

  • Hehehe you're worried now! In a months time you will be signing yourself up.........

    Then you know its all over......


  • I know, I know, RhonaL but I think your initial diagnosis is correct -bonkers!! Just did the C25K plan so I could eat more food thinking it would be a major miracle if I was able to run for 30mins. To be honest I really didn't think I'd make it through to week 9 but each week my confidence has grown and whilst most of the time I find running really hard going, grueling even, I NEVER regret a run and always feel rather chuffed with myself. So worried indeed Greg_M, I thought 5k would be my ceiling but it seems not, so who knows ....Aaaaaaaaaagh now I really am scared!

  • I'm running that same one!!

  • Hello MaryAB good to hear someone else on here will be running at Leeds, makes me feel like this might just be possible, how's your training coming on?

  • Well i'm actually running the Edinburgh 10k this Sunday!!! Eeeekkk!!!! I was feeling it a pretty good place about it but had a stomach bug over the weekend so now in panic mode :s I know I can get round it though with a bit of running (I am trying to convince myself!)

    I'll use the race for life to try do a better time than Saturday x

  • I'm sure you'll be great at the weekend, the main thing is that you're out there doing it so just go for it and set yourself a benchmark and hopefully with another month's training you'll be in a good position to improve your time when Leeds comes around!

  • I'm doing the pontefract race for life and I'm thinking of doing the 10k now, my original plan was the 5k! I'll wait and see how you lot get on before I commit ;)

  • Don't blame you for the wait and see approach ...if only I'd been a little more pragmatic hey ho though fingers crossed we'll be able to give you some positive feedback and you too will supersizing your 5K for a 10k instead ;)

  • Argh! It's infectious!!! I am looking to do a 10 k race but so far haven't had the guts to sign up, I am still struggling to run anything more than 5k but with training I can do 10 can't I?!?!?!?!?!

    What's the Bupa plan like? been looking online for a programme like c25k :)

    Oh and by the way Well done! xx

  • Go Pat... you can do it!!!

  • Go on Pat you you know it makes sense - In the imortal words of Mrs Doyle -You will, you will, you will!

  • Very interested in seeing how you get on with the training - do let us know what the Bupa plan is like! I checked it out last night and it looks hard. I know I got the insanity when I checked the goodie bag I got directly after my 5k race on Sunday and found a flyer for a 10k - and my immediate reaction was "oooh, I could do that!"

  • Ahhhh I'm in for a 10K as well... mines on the 17th June (4 short weeks) and I can't wait... I found i worked hard at running for quite a few weeks before i had any huge breakthroughs with distance... but i didnt follow a s!et plan... good luck

  • Fantastic - shared pain! ;) Good luck and keep us posted as to how you get on!

  • This is the plan I am doing:

    So I started yesterday jumping straight in with Week 3 as this is pretty much what I have been doing since graduating C25K. I did a 30min run yesterday I have a 30min run planned for Thurs and I'll do Parkrun 5K this Sat which is exactly the same as I did last week. Will let you all know how it goes week by week, my goal is to complete the 10k without stopping and if possible in under 1 hour 15mins as my 5km pb is currently 30.33 mins so we will see how I get on.

    Gosh, reading that back I sound pretty determined don't I... but honestly I'm bricking it :D Really hope this turns out ok!!!

  • I should think you'll make your target time no problem - I'm doing the Bupa London 10k this weekend, ran 10k for the first time last Sunday in training and did it in 1 hour 26 mins - my current PB for 5k is 40 mins so you are well ahead already! Good luck, oh and the final newsletter for my 10k race said that participants will get priority to sign up for next year's race as of next Monday. Guess my reaction...... :-)

  • Well done on completing 10k that's brill, I'm well impressed and inspired, I hope that you have a good race at the weekend, as for the offer to do it all again next this point I think my reaction would be Noooooooooo but as Greg said who knows what we'll all be signing ourselves up to in the future ;)

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