Just two more weeks!

After what seemed like a real red faced breathless struggle in week 1 I just completed W7R3 yesterday morning and finally realised I can run again. My pace felt right, my breathing was steady and I still had gas in the tank at the end of the run. I was planning on waiting to Week 9 to do my first Parkrun but I know I'm ready and will be there next Saturday.

For those of you at the start of the C25K journey, don't give up. I am already so much fitter and you will be too.

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  • Well done, what an amazing achievement. Let us know how you get on with your park run, good luck!xx

  • Well done. Gives me a boost to hear that must admit it is starting to get easier although bit of a shock having to run solidly for 3 minutes lol

  • great stuff parkrun is a great event and a wonderful atmosphere :D

  • Well done, it's great when it finally clicks and all comes together isn't it? Enjoy Parkrun!

  • well done park run sounds fun hope it goes well x

  • Thanks to everyone for all of the encouragement last week.

    I plucked up the courage and went along to my first park run. My plan was to start right at the back and see if I could keep running for the whole 5k, but I soon found a pace I was comfortable with and just enjoyed the run. There is no pressure and the atmosphere is just fantastic. Nervous first timers to seasoned 100+ ers there really is nothing to fear, if you haven't tried it you really should.

    The highlight for me was about two minutes into my second lap of a two lap course I looked across the fields and could see the first of the finishers going into the funnel. So still plenty of room for improvement ...

    I got round in a PB of 31.34, so I can only imagine that having other people around me kept me motivated, it definitely seemed easier than running on my own. I was talking to someone afterwards and they gave me details for the local running club so I will give that a try in a beginners group once I have graduated.


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