wk 11 runs 1-3

No progress on the weight today as WW cancelled tonight however the weeks runs went as follows

weds 30 mins steady, nice regular run steady pace

frid 30 mins using wk 1 podcast as run/jog intervals, bigger workout than weds as I came in puffed and hot, hot, hot!!

sun - I ran 5k!!!! it did take 42 minutes however so not very speedy, when I finished I was 2.5k away from home so used week 1 podcast to walk/jog home

Felt good afterwards, as I was doing the 5 minute warm up I was still swithering about going for the 5 but in the end I just went for it, looking forward to being fitter and finding it easier.

3 Replies

  • Congratulations on hitting the 5K mark. That is fantastic! You deserve a big high five. :)

  • Wonderful progress! Keep up the good work. It takes time and dedication to reach goals. You are well on your way. Fantastic!

  • Well done on the 5k!!

    Intervals are so much harder aren't they?!

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