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Post C25K Run 1

Well, after graduating on Sunday in less than impressive style, today was my first run of the week. I was a little apprehensive as I've never left such a gap between runs before but as I spent all day yesterday wandering around a wildlife park I knew that I hadn't been completely inactive (bloody school hols are playing havoc with my running plans!).

So off I went. Felt much more comfortable on familiar roads and decided to use my own playlist and RunKeeper rather than the podcasts. Did my 5 minute warm up walk and then 35 mins of running! Was hoping to get to 5km, managed 4.7km. Chuffed to bits with that though. I probably could have pushed it another 2 or 3 mins, but I didn't want to. I was happy enough to have made it to 35 mins of running, the 5km will come in time. I've set myself the target of making it to that distance by 2nd June and at the moment I'm confident I'll get there, but I do know that just one bad run will totally knock that confidence out of me so I need to take it slow. I'll probably go back to 30 minute runs for the rest of the week (if I can!) but at least I know there's more there and that's such a boost.

Treated myself to some mint Matchmakers tonight in celebration :-) It's the little things that keep you going!

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Well done. That's so close. I'm doing Race for Life in May and with three weeks left of C25K and two weeks of trying to build on it, I think the race will probably be the first time I actually attempt 5k!


You'll do it, Race For Life is a fantastic cause, I really wanted to do it but can't make any of the dates around me :-(

Although I'm 100% sure that you'll run it, don't forget that many others will be walking or dancing or skipping so there's no shame if you need to slow down, completing the course is the most important thing.

Good luck! Look forward to finding out how well you did :-) x


35 minutes of running is impressive! You're right, the 5k distance will come in time, and just settling into 30 minute runs is a good idea for now. Isn't it nice to run with your own music as well? :) All the best with your post-grad running - keep blogging to let us know how you're getting on.


Thanks Annie and a huge congratulations on your 100 runs, very impressive :-)

I'll definitely keep blogging - can't shut me up now! - as I'm sure I'll be looking for continued support and motivation.

It was nice to run with my own playlist but have to admit that I did miss Laura a wee bit, especially the 1 minute to go comment! Will see how I get on with my next run, not sure when I'm going to have chance to go at the mo! Will be glad when girls are back at school, they're ruining my schedule! (Only joking, love having them home, hols go far too quickly.)

Good luck with run 101 x


Can't wait for the kids to go back to school, in the nicest possible way of course. I graduated on the last day of term, and have not done 3 runs a week, only 2, but have done more swimming. So roll on next week, and like you say, back to the running schedule!


You're so good, I can't be bothered with swimming. I actually love it, but can't stand all the "preparation", lol. So lazy ;-)

Hope the running schedule gets back on track for you x


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