2 months after graduation

Two months ago today I graduated with my final 30 minutes on the programme. Since then I have done 24 runs, 116 k of running and spent 2 weeks on the IC, once with a cold, once with a sore shin. I have done 6 runs over 6 k with one of those runs a 10 k.  Only 4 of the 24 runs have been less than 30 minutes, the rest were all at least 30 mins and many were 5 ks. I have run on holiday and I have run in strange cities on business trips. I have pounded French hills, but mostly run in and around the fields and woods to the north of Munich. I am getting slowly faster and stronger, progress is a lot slower than when I was running with Laura, but I am making progress. I love my morning runs and am still excited about every single one. There is still so much I want to do and achieve. The c25k+ podcasts have not been cracked properly yet - I haven't even done stamina. I want to build up my distance to 10 k (without knackering my leg in the process) and I would love to run 5 k in 30 minutes. I want to be running when I'm 90 and I am really looking forward to a summer of running, hiking, cycling and exercise. 

I am very grateful to many people on this forum, my virtual running buddies when we were all scared of week 5 run 3, the "older" graduates who cheered us on. There are so many entertaining posters on here. I love Oldfloss' ramblings, I am totally in awe of Rignold, I admire those of you going for longer distances, so many of you are a source of great advice. 

This forum rocks, the c25k programme rocks, running rocks and I'm so glad I found out before it's too late!


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25 Replies

  • 😊 thankyou!  put the s in on oldfloss's before she see's it, she's an ex English teacher! 😀

  • Sorry Dave, but I had it dinned into me that you just put an apostrophe after a word ending in "s" to show the possessive. My mother used to write rude letters to my English teachers when they got things wrong (VERY embarrassing). 

  • and you..are completely correct! Well done your Mum...I did send rude letters too! Very embarrassing🙂

  • One of my English teachers was called Miss Chambers, my father wrote a very scathing letter once referring to her namesake and recommending she looked things up in his dictionary before she corrected my spelling. I don't really think it helped me much at school😰 The really funny thing is my younger son has inherited our family's stickling for English grammar, even though strictly speaking English is only his second language. I would like to point out that I DIDN'T write letters 😈

  • We are pains..I find my passion for language a curse and a blessing..I was once ridiculed at a conference...for knowing how to parse a sentence! 😏

    All good fun!

  • Tee hee...don't tell everyone..and..take the aposrophe out of sees...!!!! You little monkey! 😏

  • Ha Ha, OK teach! A long time since I had an English lesson.. I don't mind being pulled up by an expert..😊

  • Well maybe not that...I can be a real pain with stuff. But, the children I taught really did well .. and that is good enough for me. 

    Are you and Mrsdave okay? x

  • Yes thanks floss.. am out with slinky soon, to do her w6 r2. Although so dull today after yesterday's lovely weather, but keeps me on my toes, especially after feeling low with bereavement.. X😊

  • Brilliant... take that run and let those thoughts run free with you ..big hugsx

  • Sorry... spelling error... that should say, apostrophe...:)

  • You rock! You and the other graduates inspire me, just like my fellow pre graduates. This journey wouldn't be the same without this forum. Thanks for being here.

  • You're doing great yourself! I'm enjoying your posts and progress😎

  • Oh, thank you so much

  • Well done Jaysee ! You have done brilliantly and it just goes to show there are no limits to how far you go after Graduation !

    Lovely post , I really enjoyed reading that , and Yeah , Go us ! :-) xxx

  • Well said I totally agree.😊

     Brilliant acheivement jaysee...keep on running with joy (Laura wont mind) x

  • Yep, first running with Laura, then Julie comes along and now I have Joy to accompany me (mostly). 😂

  • What a wonderful post...you are an absolute delight. Keep running...keep posting....keep on loving your life x

  • Super post - you have done really well since graduating and what a lot of runs! Inspiring read, thank you. I too would love to do 5k in 30 minutes and increase distance and realise this will take time to achieve. But......what is the rush, I say to myself I am going to take one run at a time and enjoy! All the best to you and keep posting updates! 

  • I am a bit worried that this will all fizzle out when I stop progressing. I really, really hope not, but there have been times in the past when I was also on a "fitness trip" which at some point for no reason died a death. So I need that 30 min goal!

  • You will do this x

  • I know exactly how you feel! It is hard to keep going, especially with other commitments. It is good to have a goal to help keep the momentum. I have entered 5k Race for Life in May so focusing on doing that in a reasonable time, but unlikely to be 30 minutes! The forum really helps with motivation everyone is so supportive. It is like having virtual running pals! Keep up the good work! 

  • Lovely post! I agree with you on everything!😀

  • Great post!  :) Sounds like your running journey is opening up all kinds of new opportunities! well done!  :)

  • Well done JaySee. Looks like you're doing great things and enjoying it along the way!

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