Couch to 5K

We did it! Week 5, run 3!

Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD!

As we passed the point where we used to stop at the 8 minute mark, I felt like I was going to pass out and wouldn't get any further, but then I realised that's all in my head and I just got into the zone. When the 20 minutes was up I even felt like I had another 1-2 minutes in me!!

Such an amazing feeling :)

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Nice one!!! Well done!!!


Fantastic, well done! A good week to get done. Take it steady for week 6 x :-)


Oh wow I am so in awe! I am coming up to w4r3 and absolutely dreading week 5! I just cannot see how it will be possible for me to do it. Did you feel like this? Well done!


Yes I was dreading it, but trust in the app. It's magic, or some kind of witchcraft ;)

You can do it!

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Yay! Well done! 20 minutes done. Keep going and keep the faith that you 'can do it'.


Well done! I've got my W5R3 tonight. Nervous and excited at the same time. Just going to pace myself and do it! Last week I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but this week it seems to be coming together. xx


Well done slowmover. That is such a big milestone and, as you say, teaches you that many of the limitations you have felt before are mainly mental ones.


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