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Week 9 Run 1 done and dusted

Its a beautiful morning here in the NE Scotland and even though I had a late night last night out with friends I decided to get up and do my run. I had walked the ParkRun on Saturday and hated it but some things are better not put off.

It was boring, it was very flat (BIG BONUS) there was no wind to contend with, in fact the conditions were as near perfect as you could ever get, and at 7.45am it wasn't too warm.

Outcome has me wondering if my lap counter is working right cos I did the 5Km in 30 mins 40 secs, knocking nearly 3 minutes off previous 5Km runs, although they have had long steady up hills to contend with.

To say I'm chuffed is an understatement, will have to try it again on an official ParkRun day though before I take it for granted that its correct but I was very careful where I started and stopped so pretty sure my distance was right.


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Congratulations Oldgirl what a great achievement and a great motivational boost for those of us on week 5 and elsewhere on the podcast! Well done again x


Well done, 5k in 30 mins 40 secs wow, i still can't imaging running for 30 minutes


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