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Parkrun FAIL

Today I set out on my my 6th Parkrun............and had to give up at 3k.

I started OK (ish) and kept thinking my breathing will settle soon, well it never did, I was huffing and puffing until I just couldn't run any more, I gave in and walked for a while, but just couldn't get going again.

There could be many reasons why this happened, like the cold air not agreeing with my lungs. Then again I set out too fast, I was fiddling with my Garmin 10 yesterday and had unwittingly set the virtual pacer to 5.45, so when my Garmin was beeping at me saying "on pace" or "behind pace" it kind of made me run faster (faster than I normally would).

Also I could be coming down with a bug (hope not) I can still feel that cold air feeling in my lungs over an hour later.

Oh well let's hope the tempature is a couple of degrees warmer next week, although I don't think that's gonna happen, I'm sure the forcast was colder for the coming week, roll on spring.


1st k 5.58

2nd k 6.05

3rd k 6.15

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We all have bad run days now and again and this cold air goes for me something terrible, lets just hope its that and your not brewing for anything.

Give yourself a day or so to recover and get going again. I bought myself a Buff to help block out the cold air, it works wonders perhaps treating yourself will solve the problem and cheer you up. :)


Now why didn't I think of taking my buff with me. LOL


I agree with Oldgirl. Give yourself a rest and treat yourself to a buff. Hope you are not going down with a bug.

Viki :-)


Oh my it was COLD this morning!! It might be just be as simple as cold air & starting too fast (I sympathise, I've done that & it put me in bad fettle for the rest of the run)... Hope it's not the beginings of a bug, take extra good care of yourself - there'll be loads of other parkruns to get a PB in. :-)


Oh, & I second roll on Spring!


It was very cold this morning (and windy at my Parkrun), don't be hard on yourself, you were also running very fast in my opinion! Have a break and I am sure you will finish next week :-)


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