Wk7 run 3...I got heckled!

I completed wk 7 this morning. The first 10-15 mins were tough. I nearly walked (but didn't). It's like I have an angel and a devil on my shoulder. The devil is constantly saying "stop, you can't do this, walking is much easier, it doesn't matter" Then the angel chips in with " Don't stop, you know the first 10 mins is the most difficult and if you walk you will be gutted" This goes on for quite a while. So far I've been obeying the angel.

So, I get the first 10 mins or so done and am finally setlled in a steady albeit slow pace and begin to actually enjoy the run. My route means that for a while I run next to a busy road. A car comes past with its window wound down and a youth has his head stuck out. He then goes on to shout something at me!!! Now I didn't hear exactly what it was but from what I could make out it was pretty horrible (I'm pushing 40, a bit over weight, I was bright red in the face from running, so not a pretty sight) but it actually made me laugh out loud. I still had at least another 10 mins to run and I think this heckle really got me through it. I was chucking to myself for the rest of the run.

A few weeks ago if someone made a horrible comment to me I would be mortified, but I guess doing the c25k has helped my confidence and I know that I look and feel better than I have done for many years. So I now laugh in the face of hecklers!

So glad week 7 is over though as I think this week the music was pretty dire! My treat for when I graduate in a couple of weeks is to listen to my own music...can't wait!


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  • In a couple of weeks you'll be a graduate of the C25k programme, by drawing on your grit, determination and self-esteem. And he'll still be a moron in a car ;)

  • Oh, I so wish this forum had a 'like' button!! :-) :-) :-)

  • was just thinking the same thing

  • Same ;)

  • Like, like, like!

  • Grrr I hate men who do that! It's always men that do it too (not saying all men - the majority are lovely and polite). I'm glad you didn't let it get to you but to be honest it's not on, what gives people the right to shout abuse at a stranger?

    A guy shouted at me out of his car when I was doing my graduation run and I shouted back at him something not very ladylike. Not that it really made any difference of course as he was already past me and probably didn't hear but hopefully saw my hand gesture :)

    Well done on finishing your run despite the negative thoughts in your head, that's the real battle and C25K is so great for building up your confidence. You should feel great about yourself, you're doing something positive for you and are 100 times better than that idiot heckler!

  • Oh my goodness well done to you! And what an *%#€$¥!!!! that yob was - honestly he will just be lighting up his 5th fag of the day by now and stood in the queue wondering whether to opt for the double cheese burger or the flame grilled whopper.....;-D so his opinion of you running was really hilarious and good for you using it to spur you on even more! :-)

  • I bet he wouldn't shouted anything if he wasn't in a car that could drive off as soon as he made his comment!

    It can be quite off putting though, I ran past a group of middle aged men once on a road I don't normally run down and one of them shouted I better keep running because he was going to put his such and such up my so and so. I think they were maybe on their way back from the pub, but its no excuse. Same thing though, if he wasn't with a group of men, but on his own, would he have said anything at all?

  • Oh dear!!!! What a scary thing , how dare these men say these things, Bet he wouldn't be able to get his so & so up anyway!!! ;)

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