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Week 5 Run 3 DONE!

Don't know how I did it but I did, it wasnt pretty, it wasn't fast and it certainly wasn't easy! First 10 mins was ok, second 10 mins was soooooo hard. I took the same route as previous run so had these slight inclines. My main problem is how out of breath I get. I have tried concentrating on breathing but its just so difficult.

The main thing I will take from this is that it truly is a mental game, and I passed the mental part by not stopping even though it was very slow for the last two mins. Onwards to week 6!

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Congratulations! I think that's the hardest run of the program, just for the mental part.

Someone just posted a link to this article ( on breathing techniques. I haven't tried it yet, but I get out of breath a lot too. I know Laura's technique on the podcasts definitely does not work for me! It's too long between the intakes.


Well done Julie! Slow and steady is what will get you through to graduation so no shame in that at all. Now you can run for 20 mins it makes 30 mins so much more real doesn't it?! Enjoy week 6 and have a great Easter!

Sue x


Well done!

I know lots of other people have said they find it really hard to 'breathe' in a particular pattern. I couldn't do it at all, and ended up just ignoring it, other than to make sure I wasn't holding my breath. Seems to work for me.

Slow and steady is good! And avoiding inclines if possible is not cheating - but if you can't avoid them, go even slower for them, it really does help.

You're over half way through the programme now! :)


Terrific Julie ... Many congratulations! :D I'm certain you are only moments away from conquering the breathing hang-up. I've experienced this too, and have panicked and worried about asthma etc. My chest got tight, my shoulders scrunched with stress etc etc. I took advice from fellow bloggers about keeping my breathing warm, eg wearing a buff...and waiting until the days are at their warmest before going out. This is difficult when you have a job and other commitments, but it can work! I too found Laura's breathing technique impossible. My main reason for saying earlier that I thought I'd found the 'zone' is that for the first time today, I completed the entire duration of the podcast and realised I hadn't thought about breathing once. This week certainly seems to have been as much a mind over matter thing, as an increasing run time thing. You'll get there - be assured. Give yourself a well deserved rest day or two, have a relaxing and happy Easter and breathe in the way that seems most natural to you (ie dont even think about it) when you start the W6 routines next week. Lots of luck x :)


Well done Julie!!


Well done Julie! I was at the same point in the programme as you but snow drifts stopped play! Your blog will help will spur me on. :)


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