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Run-keeper dissapointment

Having graduated last Sunday ( hurray ) tried the post 5k with Laura but hated the music so tried Run- keeper today for the first time. Managed to run for 30 mins but was averaging 10 mins a kilometer so very downhearted as I am SOOO SLOW. It maybe that I am not setting run-keeper properly as I walked for 5 mins at start and finish without pausing the app. Any pointers from you guys on using run-keeper ?


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Don't be disheartened! If you set it running while you were walking then your pace will be slower than just your running pace. I normally set it going just as I start running then turn it off when I finish the run but before starting the cool down walk.

It's a bit of a faff taking your phone in and out of whatever you carry it in but it'll give you the most accurate pace for your running.

Anyway - it's not all about speed. The more often you run your times will improve, but take it slow and steady & you'll get there.

My pace varies greatly between about the same as you and around 8 mins/km. My average is about 8.5 mins/km so I'm not fast either but am slowly improving. I will never be fast but again for me it's more about being out there and doing it than anything else.

There are other apps you could try - I used the Bluefin bridge to 10K one today for the first time, but again the music was pretty bad.........

Have fun with your running and enjoy! :-)


Thanks for this encouragement , yes I think the trick is to only start the app when I am actually running and just warm up and down for 5 mins at each end. Getting out there and running is the main aim but I realise that I am more competitive with my self than I thought so want to be able to run 5k in 30 mins, that's my new target for September. I have also been told about Strava, Zen labs and Sony lifelong but I think I will try and stick with run keeper and try and add a spotify running mix :)


I use Runkeeper ( GPS gods permitting ) you can set up one runs etc - hope this link works


Hi Slow Rob, thanks for the info, I think I have loaded it. I will be running again on Monday so will see if it works better. I am happy to run for 30 mins but would like eventually to cover a greater distance in the time. How long have you been running?



As Rob advised...then after your run you can see pace for different intervals in Splits/Workout intervals.

Happy running!


If you want to know how fast you are running then Runkeeper is a good option as you can set it to give you an update at intervals of time or distance or both, giving you distance covered, current pace (that is actually not worth bothering with in my opinion) and average pace for the run. Don't start it till you are ready to start running and stop it as you stop. All GPS devices are inherently variable according to conditions, but stick with it and it will give you a yardstick.

Parkrun is probably the best way to measure your progress.


Good advice , I think where I went wrong was counting the walking in the same session as the run. Will be running again tomorrow so will only start runkeeper when I start to run. I think I have also managed to load Spotify linked tracks.....

My aim is to build up to a park run on a few weeks time


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