Couch to 5K

W8R1 = hello Endorphins!!!!!!!!!!!

After my horrible W7R3 where I hit a brick wall, today I went out determined to knock this wall down. So, I once again put my trust in Laura and thought about all the inspirational posts that I had read and began my run. The weather was fantastic with the sun shining and lots of wildlife around me. Although I was tired towards the end I had a moment where I do believe my body was introduced to Endorphins, I felt great! This has not happened before and I have to say for me it was quite a moment. I am now so looking forward to the next run ( I never thought I would hear myself say that!) and I am beginning to believe that I can complete the Race for Life next month.

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Hey I did w8r1 this morning and felt exactly the same :-)

Well done and good luck with the race for life


Its a lovely feeling isnt it?


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