Buy buy w7r3 hello w8r1 :-)

Buy buy w7r3 hello w8r1 :-)

Well week 7 done and the start of week 8 is going to be mostly done in wales @ Prestatyn to be geographically correct. I did w7r3 this morning along the coast sea on one side land on the other. It was great it went really well & I loved it


my message is to Any one thinking of starting this plan? Jump in the asphalt is lovely!

Here's a snap shot of this mornings outing

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  • Yes I realise it should be BYE BYE %-)

  • Congrats on getting this far and good luck for the next stage - I'm sure youll breeze it :)

    Lovely pic too and have a great hol!

    Are you going to try and run on the sand? (!)

  • Did a little on the sand = hard work! And thanks I'm sure we will have a great time. ;-)

  • Lovely and flat. Perfect!

    Well done John. Glad you had a good time today. So didi I! It's good int it

  • It was nice and flat & yes it was perfect! :-) glad you had a good time to :-)

    Looking forward to the rest !

  • Don't try running up the hills there. Know the area well.

  • Hope it's going well !! Have got W9R2 tonight then only the Saturday run and I graduate !! WOW !!

  • Brilliant!! I'm made up for you!!! ;-) I've finished w8 yesterday did it all in wales it was beautiful by the sea. & now it's on to w9 ;-) loving it.

  • Well done John. Looks fantastic

  • How lovely for you being able to do W8 by the sea ! Now you're all set up for graduating this week :) I graduated yesterday and am so pleased. We're off to Devon in a couple of weeks and I'm so looking forward to running there !

  • That's brilliant news, well done on your graduation ;-) & enjoy your Holliday and your running! I'm telly pleased for you ;-) hope Pete gets back on track soon enough. Stay in touch and let me know how your getting on!! Once again well done you!! ;-)

  • Aw thanks ! Pete's probably going to have to start at W1 again to avoid the injury coming back :( but still, it'll be worth it. In the meantime we're going to do some cycling and walking in between the running so we should get much fitter :) Sooo looking forward to the holiday ! Good luck this week and keep in touch !

  • Done it ;-))) and I'm chuffed to bits. Just letting you know

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