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Thank God for headphones!

Even when I'm utterly exhausted and I don't think I can run another step I always find myself speeding up when I'm running past other runners or even a looker. I know I shouldn't care what other people think and I really try not too but I can't help it! On my first ever run I ran past another runner who high fived me...affronted much? Yes I was. Luckily however I can't actually hear myself puffing away like a steam train when I run, because any pretence created by my super fast speed is belied by my inability to breathe. Not made any easier by the confusing advice from the brilliant Laura to push my stomach out while I breathe in...anyone tried this?? All I can say is thank god for my headphones. As long as I can't hear myself then all is right for the world! ;)

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I do much the same, speeding up when I see someone. I don't like doing any walking intervals where I can be seen either as I know non runners don't understand the walking thing and probably think I'm unable to run.

It took me a while to figure out the breathing but I get it now. I laid in bed one morning trying this belly pushing thing and then it clicked. I can finally breath when I run, instead of the panting like a dog! Basically it's big slow deep breaths and you focus on pulling the air in and then on pushing it out. Don't think too much about the belly if you're running, figure it out at rest first. My first run without earphones was a 5k Parkrun (after i graduated) and that was the first time I could breath easy, because I could hear myself I was able to slow it down :)


I am doing the C25K programme again this year to get fit after the winter slowdown. Headphones and music - I can't run without them as the music give me a great boost. As an asthmatic breathing is a real problem for me and doing the stomach breathing thing is what makes running possible for me, it seems to put that bit extra energy in tired legs and I think it has been one of the top ten tips given to me since I started running last year.



am exactly the same, I wack my earphones in and crank up the music so I can't hear my breathing. BUT On Sunday when doing the race for life I didn't wear them as I thought it was a little "unfriendly" at such an event. Everyone I ran past (or who ran past me) breathed really heavily too, AWESOME! even real runners gasp for breath yay!!! I too run faster past people and don't know I'm doing it til it's too late;) As for Lauras breathing technique, NOPE I cannot do it, I just breathe, As long as I'm breathing I'm still alive!!:)


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