Goodbye week 5 - you've been a challenge!

So I have peeled myself off the ceiling after completing W5R3. Chuffed to bits is an understatement!! I can't believe that I ran for 20 minutes!

My legs have been fine, my knee thankfully has been good all be it will a support until I get to see my physio on Friday, mentally I know I can do this but I seem to be struggling with breathing when running. It's only a minor detail 😉 Who needs to actually breathe??! I guess this is all part of learning and training my body to do something that it's never done. I'm not gasping for breath when I run but I can't seem to get control and end up with a stitch, granted today's stitch wasn't as bad as the other day but still was there. Any tips?

I love how this program can make you feel so good and give you achievable goals.

On to week 6. Eek!!!


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  • Well done. It terrifies me when I read how far I will go in a few weeks time!

  • Don't be terrified, if I can do this then anyone can! Never in a million years did I think I'd make it this far but I have and I'm slightly addicted to it now. I've had a few weeks out with my right knee not wanting to play and making the mistake of catching a patient at work but I'm still going and listening to my body more than ever.

    Keep up the good work 😊

  • Yeay... you are so getting there... very, well done! Deep breaths for the stitch, as Laura tells you.. I always have a small drink of water, literally just before I head out.. and have only had stitch about twice.. since October! :)

  • I am! I spent a week back on the IC between week 4 and 5 because my knee bent the wrong way at work. Silly knee!!

    Trying to watch what I'm eating or not before I run but only got a stitch at W5R2 and R3. Hopefully it will go away.

  • Those pesky knees, they are tricky blighters.. my left one keeps having a little grumble.. but I am being careful, as I once ignored the grumbles and ended up, like you, on the IC for ten days!

  • I did that the first time and it put me out for a little over a week. This time I listened even though my head kept saying I needed to run my body over ruled and waited. I'm interested to see what the physio says Friday (I'm on a 12.5 hour night shift on Thursday night with my appointment at the end of my shift) as I'm sure after dislocating C2 in my neck and a few other body parts over the years that I have hyper mobile joints. I'm super bendy and my knee wants to keep going backwards so the support it kind of stopping that right now. I've stopped stretching before and after runs which for normal people would be a big no no but I seem to be better for it. Still doing my walking warm up and down.

    How has your knee been recently?

  • sound very bendy!!!

    My knee is... okay, I tend to it very carefully.. it seems to be fine mostly, but grumbles when I am going upstairs.. on the downward lift pressure.. hmm. Annoying! I am running well.. fingers crossed, I am up to over, just, 8 K now, as of Sunday!

    But, I am taking note of it!

    Full of admiration for you.. working so hard and then running too.. brilliant. I always say I get it easy now, as I am retired..:)

  • 32 years old and after no excerise since school who knows how I can put my hands on the floor with straight legs still!!

    Stairs do prove a challenge for me too and some silly fool has two flights in her house. It is annoying isn't it. I know last week it felt like my lower leg wasn't attached to the top when climbing and descending but like you say being careful is the way to go.

    Wow that's amazing!!! 8km! Your doing something right.

    You deserve to put your feet up and enjoy your retirement but running is such a good release for so many things.

    I'm just crazy. Two young kids and working shifts that some days cover 13km. Not sure how I do it but I know I love my kids even if I'm a human climbing from a when its raining. As for work, I'm very lucky to have the job I do and wouldn't change it for the world but C25K has helped me unlock a way to release and wind down.

  • I love the running.. as you say, so many side effects which are brilliant.. :)

  • Well done! Watch out for week 6 which can be tricky.

    As far as your breathing is concerned, you have to work out what suits you. Some people swear by counting breath in and out, others just gasp along. Laura suggests breathing in through your nose ( good when there are bugs about!) but that can make you feel you're not getting enough air in.

    You might like to try just slowing down a bit which will help. You'll probably tell me you couldn't possibly go any slower than you do - but you probably can!

  • Thank you. I tried the nose way but like you said, I feel like I wasn't getting enough. I did today slow down which must have helped as it was no way near as painful as the other day. Going to be persevering with it and hopefully with week 6 going back to intervals it will give me more times to have a play around with it. I'm sure I'll work it out eventually 😂

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