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Hi all,

I run (still makes me chuckle that I can write that and not feel like I am lying!) with the standard ear plugs that come with the iPhone. The only way I can keep them in when I run though is if I run with a hooded top, with the hood up. 

This isn't ideal for a number of reasons:

 - overheating in the 3 minutes of sun so far this year

 - my wife and kids refuse to be seen with me when I wear it

 - the other dog walkers on the field tend to give me a wide berth - they see a large, huffing guy with a hood running towards them

I don't know why they don't stay in my ears without the hood up - I don't have too much vertical movement and I do land quite gently. As much as I would love to think it is simply the speed of the wind when I run, I don't think it is that :-).

I don't have huge ears, but I guess they are normal to large. Yeah OK, I used to be called Cauliflower ears as a kid.

So, if any of you have the same issue can you recommend some better headphones (cheaper the better). 

I guess I could always try and bring back the headbands from the 80s :-).


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22 Replies

  • I like yurbuds. I love them so much, I actually bought a second pair (with a remote thingy - my others didn't have one). 

    They are designed for exercise so won't fall out or hurt.

    I used to have issues with earbuds falling out (even with the hooky over ones) or hurting my ears - but not with these.

  • Thanks Sarah-A

  • I think some ear buds are just too big.  My phone ones are stupidly big.  I keep my cheapo lidl ones in place using my buff, folded to make a band which goes round my head/ears.  Keeps ear phones in place and keeps the wind out.  The Sony headphones were about £14.99 and some with a choice if 3 sizes of earpiece. Mind you so did my £3.99 lidl specials 😊 The Sony ones died, hence the lidl ☺

  • I wear a running headband to keep mine in, it keeps my ears warm too lol. Going to have a look at the yurbuds now though :)

  • Got some Taotronics Bluetooth earphones that have size adjustable earbuds & earhooks. On Amazon.. 

  • Thanks all.

  • Go naked!

    (I mean try tech-free)

  • I really like Sonixx X-Sprint Sports Earphones, good value at Amazon 

  • My hard-learned policy with earbuds is: buy the cheapest ones that you can, ensuring that they have the selection of 3 sizes of in-ear buds and don't cost more than £10. Doesn't matter if they are SkullCandy, Bose, Beats, Sony or any other make: they will all go dodgy in 6-12 months and need to be thrown away. Dodgy means one of the buds will go quiet, or the cable near the bud will break meaning that the sound comes and goes. My no-brand Amazon special at £5.99 are into their 6 month, whilst my son's £85 Beats have been replaced under warrantee 2 times and now the retail shop will not replace them any more. 

  • I have Bluetooth hooky-over ear ones (they came with three different sized earbud plugs). Can't remember the brand. Cost about £12 from Amazon. I HEART them. Am not even aware of them once they're in.

  • Same here: Plantronics Backbeats. A bit pricey but so comfortable you forget they're there, they don't fall out, and they sit in your ears in such a way that you can also hear any cars or footsteps coming up behind you, which reassures me no end (you never know when a  puffing guy with a hoody is going to overtake you by surprise, huh).

  • Nice. Real nice. :-)

  • Oooo these sound good. 

  • I have the same problem with iPhone earphones and had to keep shoving them back into my ears. Made for very awkward running. I bought a pair of Phillips sports earphones for about £15. They go in your ear and loop around behind your head (and around your ears) and stay firmly put.

  • Try looping the cable behind and over your ear, though you may need to swap L&R buds round.

  • It seems to be personal taste and for me I've been using the mpow magneto Bluetooth sports earphones for the last month or so and they've been really good.  Like you the ear buds on their own just didn't stay in my ears and even the loop around the ear style used to fall off my ears.  The mpow ones have the usual ear buds but also an additional loop that locks into the internal fold or rim of the ear and I haven't had a problem with them yet.  Can't remember the exact cost but certainly under £20 on Amazon which was a lot cheaper than some of the others and all I was really willing to pay.

  • Thanks all - some great suggestions!

  • If you're getting new ones definitely go for Bluetooth, I got cheapy Aldi ones and they do the job just fine. They have a few different size buds with them and also different size 'stabilisers' that sit in the folds of your ears to stop them falling out. I had to try a few different combos  but I've got them just right now.

    When I'm rich I want some of those fancy bone conductor ones that don't sit in your ear at all!

  • In the same way lots of people here are evangelical about running outdoors, I'm would heartily recommend running with no headphones :-)

    The noise of my feet, breathing, the birds, the cars, the sea, the trees, the wind, trains, airplanes are all enough for me.

  • Hi John - I do understand the appeal, and I expect when I am more established as a runner I will reconsider. But for now, I need Laura's "You can do it" in my ears :-).

    I also find that the right music is helpfully distracting as well at the moment.

  • did you get new headphones? If so were they good and which ones did you get? I have the same issue with mine falling out and it's driving me crackers.

  • Hi Miller2. I haven't yet. My requirements have changed somewhat - now I have running shorts (apologies to all who see me run!) I have nowhere to put my iPhone, which is fairly large. I tried an arm band but it was a pain and it didn't fit around my upper arm.

    I am also after a heart monitor which would be yet another thing on my arm. 

    All of this is to say I am thinking of returning my vivoactive, revisiting wrist based heart monitors and purchasing

    (Birthday money + graduation + geeky nature = lots of procrastination :-)).

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