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Wk9r1 done!

Wow, I can't believe 2 more runs to graduation! When I started the program, I wasn't exercising at all, other than 10 min brisk walk from the office to the train station. My work colleagues encouraged me to sign up for a 5.6k corporate challenge in July and so while looking for some sort of training program I came across the nhs c25k program which has literary changed my life! I am more energized, actually wake up early so I can squeeze in a run before going to work and it made me proud that my body could actually endure such a challenge and exceed expectations! Today I ran 5k in 31.5 minutes which is totally amazing! I am recommending c25k to all my friends! Looking forward to run 2!

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Wow you are fast!! I too am doing a corporate challenge in July (at Battersea Park) so may see you there if it's the same one! My colleagues encouraged me to have a go at this but think the beer & food at the end is the real incentive.

Good luck with the your last 2 runs of the programme


Yep, it's the same one. The beer and food will be a good incentive to push on the last km! I pushed myself during week 8 and was doing about 33-34 mins for the 5k. Today my hubbie joined and set a faster pace. Hoping to increase my run to 6k by end of June and hopefully run under 40mins.


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