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It's been a while since I posted in fact it was when I needed a pick me up and you guys rock at that. SOOO I completed wk9r1 yesterday! I'm so amazed. I have asthma and always struggled with long distance running, I'm 46 so have the middle tyre now too and I am now 2 runs from completion. I purchased a new treadmill that has - screen for street views, a fan and 40% less impact for my joints. The treadmill allows me to emulate road runs so I ran the Brooklyn bridge!

Now for all you aficionados :-

I'm not hitting anywhere near 5k it's more like 2.96 according to the machine

30 - 33 minutes time and about 200/220 calories speed is 4/4.5 incline anywhere upto 2

What is the graduation process when I have completed my last wk9 run?

how do I increase speed? Should I consider running 4 times a week?

And I have passed on this program to sis in law who is now up to wk4r1(go lisa!) and a couple of friends so thank you thank you thank you

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Well done on getting this far! Mind you Brooklyn Bridge scenery would have helped no end I reckon. Nothing like a good view for making a run fly by. To graduate you have to have completed all the runs then you apply for your virtual Graduate badge by clicking on the link to the right hand side of your screen>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the text in blue. If you click on that it tells you how to apply

Speed will come as you build up strength. It may take a long time depending on how much work you put in. I tried to move up to four days a week (I'm 56 years old) and it did me in! I got injured more or less straight away. I had done the Bridge to 10 k programme and was training for a 10 mile run so I thought I needed to ramp up the runs. I was wrong about that. I cut back to 3 runs a week and I'll stick to that.

To get stronger for sustaining our running we can do things like cycling, walking, swimming, go to the gym, or do exercise, yoga DVD's at home. I'm doing exercise DVD's at home and doing quite well at the mo. I was a four stone overweight blob only a few years ago so I think I've come a long way.

Good luck with your running adventure


Fantastic achievement and sooooo close to graduation:)


Thanks very much - appreciate it alot


Well done!!!! I enjoyed week nine even with a total disaster of a run in the middle of it! Brooklyn bridge sounds lovely compared to some of the views on my outdoor run around here ;)

Anyway I am in the same boat. I managed the 5k on my last graduation run but it took me 45 minutes. I have signed up to ASICs and start their programme tonight. Basically I run fast for a mile then walk for 2 - 5 minutes then run fast for another mile. I am not sure how it is going to go but I looked far and wide and it looked like a doable programme as I don't want to move up to a 10k as 30 - 40 minutes running is perfect for me and I don't want to increase my time out of the house or my distance particularly.


Thank you guys that's very very appreciated - and I will update once I get these last 2 done I never thought I could get here but I blooming well did!


Very well done, I did W9R1 Tuesday and am set to do W(R2 tonight. Can't believe it either !! Aren't we good ?? :) :) :)


Good luck with the run & yes we are awesome for getting here! You can wear tour badge with pride


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