Hair dye dilemma !

Today I got my hair dyed bright red and in my experience for at least a week after , whenever I run my sweat is bright red and runs down my face and neck, Not the best look, I am in a quandry as I need to run but don't want to look like a bloody beetroot! Is there anything I can wear except for a baseball cap ( I look like a little monkey boy in a baseball cap) . ? I think someone should invent a running turban for such eventualities....maybe I should? There must be others like me? Mustn't there? Am I alone? Oh god I probably am, I can't say I have seen anybody else with hairdye running down their face! HELP! :(


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  • Wear a head band, if yu buy a bright colour pink or red it won't show off the dye. I wear one for a different reason, mine helps to keep my ear phones in my ears. :P

  • Add some leg warmers and you'll have a real Eighties look going!

  • Put Fame on the iPod and dance down the street

  • laughing, oh yes, i agree, this is a GOOD look and you should try it, including some fame like star jumps and leaps :)

  • Hmmmmmmmmm, thanks! ;)

  • And if your feeling really energetic, back flips down the street!! ??

  • Now you're just being silly!!!;)

  • not something I have a problem with but what about a bandana?

  • You want a Buff !

    You can get cheaper alternatives. I think Sports Direct stock them.

  • Oooh a buff! thanks x

  • Get yourself a burka, a bandana may make you look terminal ;)

    If you go all 80's you could try roller booting, I used to love my roller boots :)

  • Loon ;)

  • Your hair dye shouldn't run! Try a shampoo especially for coloured hair, all the brands do one. Also keep rinsing it until the water runs clear.

  • Ah but the semi ones which are really bright do, I've been having it done since \i was 16 and am yet to find one which doesn't run :(

    I use special shampoo and rinse it really well but still it persists!! I'm gonna run with a bag on my head :)

  • Flippen heck! All i was worried about before this was putting one foot in front of the other, now you tell me I have to worry about my hair dye as well! Motorcycle helmet for me tomorrow!!! oh wait, haven't got one of those, will have to be a pudding basin....

  • Yep Gridlet is right ... shouldn't be that bad. Red dye is worse for what they call "Bleeding" but if you let the water run and keep massaging it you should be "Good to go". It will improve after you wash it and you should be fine.

    If not add high heeled boots and go out as Jane Fonda from her aerobic days in the 70's I think. :)

    I did a henna colour a mix of Auburn, Super Auburn and Chestnut brown and it has turned out a vibrant red so there may be a theme here as red is a great colour for energy and positive vibes.

    I have certainly had a much more positive attitude since joining this forum so thanks guys! :)

    I am doing a first night AmDram comedy here in Spain but I am not quite getting the vibes for that so wish be "Break a leg" or here they say "Mucha Mierda" ( much sh..) On that note I will close my post.

  • Break a leg!;) fellow red head x

  • Hi exactly the same thing happened to me but I hadnt realised the first time I went out after having it dyed and popped into my local shop on the way home from a run to buy a paper! luckily they know me in there otherwise they would have thought I was the mad axe woman!! I found it wasnt so bad after about a week but you could wear a beanie hat maybe?!

  • I'm going to wash it tonight really well and hopefully do a run tomorrow, I might borrow my sons hat, I'll look like a monkey boy but still, it's that or blood red running down me face;)

  • i have the same problem. No matter how hard i wash it there is still some red hiding in there somewhere for a week or so. I took a cotton hanky with me last time and kept mopping my brow in case of leakage!

  • The stuff you girls have to worry about...!


  • Oh you don't know the half of it!:)

  • oh I'm so glad my hair dye doesn't run, it's purple: can you imagine how that would look!

    (I do get mine done at the hairdressers, they use Ellumin colours, which stay very true).

  • Had mine purple once, not long ago and you guessed it, it ran!!!! I'll ask my hairdresser about Ellumin, thanks! :)

  • PatButcher is absolutely bonkers! Brilliant stuff! Hope you're going to do the c25k event. Can't wait to meet you! I think you will be easy to spot.............:)

  • I am hoping to go to the c25k event, would love to meet all of you, such fun :)

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