Couch to 5K

'Twas the baseball cap wot dunnit!

You guys are great!.

As you know, I tried W4 R3 earlier and it was a bit of a disaster. At the end of run 3 I came over all nauseous and it basically brought my whole day down. It was not the way I wanted to end my W4 and begin W5.

I have been mulling it over on and off all day and your good advice about me being silly and not eating prior to an 11am run and going too quickly really helped me get out of my slump.

So.....I tried again. Just now.

This time, I shed the long sleeve top and the baseball cap and went for a short sleeve T-shirt and locks to the breeze.

And I went slooooooowwly.

I was slower than a slow thing from the planet slow who took out his dog, Cigarette. His dog's got no legs, so every morning he's taken out for a drag (boom, tish - I'm here all week folks!)

I don't advocate repeating a run twice in day to anyone. I know that sounds hypocritical having just done the self same thing but my knees are telling me off right now and I am going to make the most of the next two rest days but my head was in a bad place and the cobwebs had to go.

The lack of baseball cap was the clincher. I was in so much of a better frame of mind, I found my rhythm, I went slow and steady and was very nearly dissappointed when I had reached the end.

The baseball cap and I are going to have a quiet tete-a-tete and he may see the error of his ways. We'll see.

The mood has gone and week 5 is something to look forward to again.

Thanks again guys.

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Yes I fully understand... Baseball caps make ME feel nauseous too...

Well done though!!

With you on the ' very nearly disappointed ' at the end thingy....

I often say, ' I ALMOST enjoyed that ' , doesn't mean I don't stop the instant Laura says i can


But DO give yourself plenty of recovery time now

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Honestly - I wonder if is a man thing but I went literally just before I left the house (well, not literally - I did use the loo. I didn't go in the hall. Blaming the cats doesn't work twice..) then a minute into the first run - I needed a wee! Aaaargh!

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Well done you! :-)

(Personally I had the opposite experience when I put the baseball cap on and got my fringe out of my face. That and ear phones that don't fall out every three paces!)

Edited to point out that I was replying to the original post and not your comments about needing the loo!

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which earphones do you use? I havent tried any yet...


I got some cheapo over the ear hook ones from my local Sainsbury's. Amazon sells them too. Around the £10 mark.

I found they work really well. I can't vouch for sound quality or 'owt, I'm no audiophile but they sound fine, and don't fall off as I bounce down the road.

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Mine are similar - over the ear. Got them from Maplins. Sound is good and they stay put so no more run, run, run, push earphones in, run, run, run, push earphones in......


Holy Peaked Cap , Batman !

Kapow ! :-D xxx


Jumping Jehosaphat Batman you've unmasked yourself!


Ha ha, ta for making me laugh! That was really funny

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Wow... everyone says how important the rwst days are... and you run twice in one day! Hmmmm perhaps I could go out this morning for another week 4 run...


If you feel OK about it do, but I would offer caution.

The first one was early, the second late so there was almost a rest day in between (yeah pushing that really!)

I was in a poor mood all day, which was a bit silly looking back as there is no win/fail scenarios but I had to complete it as I was sooooo close.

Would I do that again now? Hhmmmmm. Not so sure.

The weeks absolutely fly past, so if you don't do one today, you will do it tomorrow instead. Come September/October, post graduation, are we likely to look back and say 'bugger, I missed that opportunity back at the beginning of August'?

It is better to get through without injury. But I can't preach 'cause I went and did it. That would be hypocritical.

Then again, Hey - I'm Batman!

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You funny, very funny 😀

I shoulda said well done!

I haven't copied and gone out today - yet!...

Thing is, I'm flying tomorrow so would really like to have another run in the bag and have a day free open arrival...

Choices, choices!


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