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Ha ha must have it bad

It's my birthday tomorrow and I know I am getting new running stuff, capris, baseball cap and shirt. All matching. So everyone is asking what I want to do on my birthday and so far all I have come up with is that I want to try out my new running stuff as Tuesday is my running day. Who would of thought that in just a few short weeks that would be in my mind, the most exciting thing to do. I think my husband and friends think I have gone slightly mad but as they say its my birthday, I can do what I want. Obviously. Might be a nice glass of red with freinds at the end of the day too.

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Wishing you many happy returns and many happy runs. Try Chateau Endorphin.....oh , you already have.


I hope you have a great run on your birthday you will look so cool in your co-ordinated running gear. Enjoy!!!


Hi Rfc ,your plans for the day sound perfectly normal to me !

I had some cash for my birthday at the end of June...I started C25K on 1st July....have spent most of my birthday money on running stuff......we're all addicts according to Tim and he's right you know !

Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow ,bet you can't wait to get out in your new clobber ...have fun , oh and a glass or three for me ;)


Thanks you all for the well wishes. I have now got it organised to go out for an early morning run and I am allowed to use my new gear as I go out before anyone gets up. I am looking forward to it.. Wk6 run2 here I come. Then drinks with mates perfect day to me.


Happy birthday for tomorrow, you will fly in your new gear I bet, enjoy :)


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