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Is my lovely pink jacket waterproof? Recommendations sought!!!!

Well, it seems it is not!!! I never look great at the end of a run but today was a new kind of grim - puffing like a steam train, bright red, with the added glamour of hair plastered to my head and the top half of me resembling an entry for an over 50s wet t-shirt competition - not pretty!!!

Does anyone have any recommendations for a light but decent quality waterproof running jacket?

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:D Sorry, no recommendations, but the 'over 50s wet t-shirt competition' made me giggle! I don't bother with a jacket but make sure that any top I wear won't go translucent in the rain :D


In all honesty I don't really think you will get totally waterproof in running jackets, more water resistant. Unless you're willing to pay allot for a jacket you will probably find that your persperation will condensate on the inside of your jacket making you wet anyway. The cheaper end 'breathable' jackets seem to be anything but.


I tried running in a jacket, you end up just as wet from the sweat! Enjoy the rain :-)

What I really want is waterproof socks, I hate running with wet feet.


Sorry I can't help. I run with nothing I just get wet. but I lover the 'over 50s wet t-shirt competition' !

I also would love the waterproof shocks, I really thin kit is the worst feeling in the world when you run with wet feet.

Sorry I can not help you more.


Thanks everyone. I 'm just going to embrace the rain - in a thick jumper!! I am looking forward to the day someone develops a weatherproof sock!


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