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Week 2 Run 2, almost killed me!

Worst run yet. Went out last night for W2R2 and felt like dying!

I'd had a really long day, lots of travelling to work and meetings and then spent all afternoon in meetings, hadn't eaten properly all day and so by the time it got to going out for my run I was exhausted!! Probably shouldn't of gone out for it, but didn't want to mess up my schedule!

My left shin was causing me a lot of trouble, although it was alright while I was running, it was the walking that made it really hurt, has anyone else found this with shins?

This morning I've woken up and just feel tight, achey and drained. Definate night off for me tonight!!

Still determined though and will hopefully go out tomorrow (after finishing work early yaaaaaaay) and feel refreshed and re motivated!

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I think the most amazing thing is you still went out and did it. Even though you had a long day.


how strange that was my worst run too. i convinced myself i had shin splints and took the next run off. then told myself it was all in the mind as i too had had a bad work day and im about to go out for w3r1 and cant wait. warming up and down well and lots of water and the right frame of mind are all you need i think. i'l find out in 30 mins and if i'm wrong i'l let you know.


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