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Skipping the rest day

Two days running in a row and boy do my legs ache today!

I never normally have any aches and pains apart from shin pain on the day of my run but after running 3 miles on Saturday and 4 on Sunday my thighs are so stiff and achey!

I clearly need to have that day of rest in between each run although I have to admit that having achey legs is quite a nice reminder of the fact that I've gone out there and run. It's still a novelty and I'm still delighted that I can do it!

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i've got very achey calves / shins from saturday :(

more stretches and ice packs tonight with the hope i'll be ok for tomorrow evening! haven't had this much aches since the early days :( although you are right it does remind us that we've been out there doing it!


I didn't do any stretches after my run other than walking home so that may be why my legs are so sore now. I'm hoping to learn more about stretches at my running group.


I'm not very good at them to be honest...but don't think i' warmed down properly after last weeks running club or park my own fault to be fair :(


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