Couch to 5K

Week 5? Bring It!

Okay, it's official. I am hooked. If I could, I would probably run every day, at least every day with nice weather. Today was a special treat - J went out with me again. (He was going along with me as my partner and cheerleader, but hasn't been coming along for more than a week.) It was fun to have a running buddy again. He made me push a little harder, laugh a little more, and have just a little more fun. We even played a version of tag. (He is faster, so I was always the one trying to tag him. He would slow down and speed up to avoid being tagged.)

We passed by a couple small children on bicycles, one with training wheels. He teased me as the children started riding again, passing us by. "Are you gonna take that? You can beat them!" I think we were having more fun than the children, who seemed aghast at watching these two silly grown ups shrieking and running around.

At one point, I forgot my plodding "slightly bouncy walk" and started running in earnest to catch him. But, being week 5 run 1, I had to keep going for 5 minutes. I was surprised to find that by returning to my normal pace, I could recover my breath, without taking a break to walk. This is a great discovery, since I will surely need that ability for the 20 minute run in a few more days.

I love C25K. I am still a little scared about maybe struggling with the longer runs. But I am loving the time I am spending already. I have clocked over 45 km so far, since I began the program. That is more than a full marathon... spread over several weeks. I just know my body is going to love me for this!

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Sounds like you are having a ball... an active life is soooo much more fun!

The later weeks of the program are tough for some, not so tough for others. But I'm sure you will enjoy all the fab runs, and take the difficult ones in your stride...


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