Can anyone offer me any advice or reassurance on week 5? Bit freaked out!

Just completely week 4, after never being able to even run for a bus, and I have also used this as an excuse to take up Cani Cross with my dog Tia. This means running with the dog attached to you by a harness and a special belt.

So far so good as Tia loves to run and I find it brilliant to run with her as she wants to keep going and she does help pull me along sometimes. Plus she doesn't judge me if I'm all red and puffing ;-)

Anyway - thought I would get prepared for week 5 and was freaking out about the jump up to 8 minute runs - then I saw the post about the dreaded wk5r3 and now I'm totally freaked out! Seriously a 20 minute run already....panic!

Am now wondering wether to chicken out and do week 4 again or try my best. I should add that we have cheated a little by running more than the podcasts - for example if we go on a long walk we will do the podcast and then just run and walk til we get home


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  • Hey don't worry about it seriously! Most people feel the same as you but are usually surprised that they manage the jump to 20mins successfully. The programme has prepared you for this and if you have been running extra then you are even more prepared. Just take it slow, don't overthink it and you'll be fine. I'm sure Tia will love it too :)

  • The twenty minute run is nothing to be apprehensive about. I don't think we see many posts about people struggling with it, just a lot of posts about people surprising themselves by completing it with relative ease.

    Also - I wish my dog was well behaved enough to do CaniX. I'd just get alternately dragged over and tripped up..!


  • Thanks Duncan - Tia is pretty good as we started her off doing pulling a sled in the snow, then progressed to bikjoring and scootering with her so she took to CaniX pretty well although she does seem to know not to go flat out and drag me over. Running with a dog does have problems though as in our 4 weeks she has so far been attacked by 2 dogs off lead....which is very unsettling.

  • Honestly you will be ready for the 20 min run. I was so nervous about it and didn't sleep well the night before doing it. However, it was great and the sense of achievement you get at the end is great. It is definitely a case of mind over matter.

  • Most of us were dreading it, the best you can do is not worry but just have a go. Tia will love it!

  • Thank you all for you encouragement! So lovely to get positive feedback and I feel slightly more confident about tackling it now - I will just have to find us somewhere good to run as we live right on the coast so a lot of it is up and down hill which does make it harder!

  • Yep, I'd go for it if I were you! It's an amazing feeling when you complete the run, and my dogs really enjoyed it, too! The hills do make it tough (I've got that problem, too), but try to ease off as you go uphill, even if it feels like you're jogging on the spot. The speed and distance will come eventually, but it's better to keep going than to wear yourself out and have to stop. And if it doesn't work out, well, you'll just try again another day. It's why I love C25K - there's no pressure and no comparing of results, and everyone's so supportive even when things don't go quite according to plan!

  • I saw a group of the Cani-X lads and lasses when i was doing a cross country. They were obviously having a weekend away camping and running.

    I couldn't work out what was going on at first! Looked like fun.

  • Greg - its really good fun - I'm the sort of person who would rather do things on my own but running with the dog is great - she never judges me if I'm hot and sweaty and she could run all day so its keeps me moving when I feel I need to stop. Plus its gets her exercised at the same time - so no long boring walks trying to tire her out!

  • I've just finished week 4 today and then read your post, i tend not to read the podcasts, but now I am bricking it!! Ha ha. 8 mins?? that will be bad enough, but 20 mins next week?? Oh dear. Having said that week one I couldn't run for 60 seconds and I really didn't think I'd run for 5mins this week, but we have and we will carry on and we will do it!!! We are unstoppable!!! Plus I have race for life at the end of June so have no choice. Ha ha LOL. Good luck Team Tia - will be thinking of you.

  • Oh sorry for worrying you Appollonia! I am going to attempt the first podcast of week 5 later on today but I am also going to do a 10 minute warm up exercise first as I think as I am getting further into the program and running for longer I'm not finding the 5 minute walk enough to get me ready and after also speaking to a running friend of mine this is what she advised me to do.

    Yep you are totally right though as a month ago 60 seconds was a massive struggle and I guess if I add all the time up I do run when I am out then 8 or 20 minutes should be ok lol! I have just over a month before my race for life and I really have my heart set on running so I will just have to draw on everything to get me through the 8 and 20 minutes and just try my best! Thanks :-)

  • Just to let you all know - I did it! Runs 1 and 2 were both really hard and I did think omg I just can't do 20 minutes....anyway I planned my route - got the dog ready and off we went! Got to 5 minutes and gave myself a good talking too, 10 minutes - focused on my breathing for a few breaths - still can't do the in through my nose thing all the time, 15 minutes legs were all owwwey! But was almost there so didn't want to stop yet....just about made it! Hurray! Felt amazing once I got my breath back as 4 weeks ago 60 seconds killed me.

    Even felt good enough on the way back home to do a bit more.

    Feel a lot more relaxed about the race for life now. Now have a couple of days off due to work and then start on week 6!

    Thanks for all you positive thoughts :-)

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