Day 1, Week 1

So I completed my first run of the programme yesterday and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it! Yes it was hard. Yes, I was puffing like a train all the way round. Yes, I felt it in my poor knees this morning. But, I have been bitten by the bug and wanted to go out again today!

I didn't. I took the advice from you guys here on the forums. I went for a gentle walk and had a relaxing soak in the bath.......bring on tomorrow..........

6 Replies

  • It's great isn't it? And it just gets better and better!

  • Yay! It certainly seems that way reading some of the comments posted :-)

  • Welcome! So good to hear you enjoyed the first run, good luck with run 2 :)

  • That's so cool!! Do keep going - but enjoy your rest days - you will come to appreciate them more and more! While still wanting to out and run more and more.... er - who said this running lark would actually make your life easier??

  • Well done - and you do get bitten by the running bug quickly! :)

    The posts by people at various stages of the podcasts are really inspiring... keep up the good work!

  • Thanks everyone for your welcoming words and advice. Run 2 today.....I think I'm going to need it after looking at this pile of work on my desk ;-)

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