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Race for Life - the tortoise triumphs

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I didnt sleep too well last night. I had been to a party and even bought myself some new evening shoes with a low heel so that my legs would be in top condition for today's run. I was also the driver volunteer! Serious business, being a top athlete. I kept sipping water throughout the night to keep hydrated. After a loo visit (sorry if tmi!) I had an immodium(!) and was ready. And extremely anxious!

My race was in Bedford and I put myself about three quarters of the way through the runners queue. Some people stopped running in front of me soon after! I was truly grateful for the training on C25K as so many people ran past me, only to stop and walk and I overtook them. Others had stitches, felt sick etc and I just plodded along!

My family popped out at various stages to cheer me on and I loved that. I found it to be a wonderfully warm atmosphere and the supporters were, well, supporting!

To my amazement I finished in approx 36-37 minutes whereas on my other two attempts, my time has been 44 and 45 mins. It was the power of the people!

It was a fantastic day and I felt a bit tearful when I crossed the line triumphant!

My hubby and children missed me finishing as they were not expecting me yet!! I wish I was doing it again. Good luck to everyone who is ! :)

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O, Holly! What a great blog! I'm sooo happy for you! And a PB to boot!

Good going girl!

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hollyOGraduate in reply to Grammadog1947

Thankyou Grammadog! Yes I have a PB. Never had one of those before. Woohoo! :)

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Grammadog1947Graduate in reply to hollyO

lol...if you squint real hard you can see me waving my glittery pom poms just for YOU!

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That is a brilliant time, well done. Much quicker than me today in Salisbury. Funny you say 'tortoise'. One of my grandsons stuck a tortoise sticker and a crocodile sticker to my top the other day and I kept them. This morning I wrote NHS C25K GRADUATE BLUEBOOTS on it and stuck it to my Race shirt. It is only little but I've uploaded it on my blog today. Congratulations to you :)

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hollyOGraduate in reply to blueboots

Thankyou! I thought I had spotted a few C25Kers lurking near me at the beginning but I didn't like to ask. One lady asked me if I was in the Runners queue as if to say "You? Surely not"!!! Did you get any comments on your C25K status? :)

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bluebootsGraduate in reply to hollyO

No one mentioned C25K but so many people on the forums seem to be doing the Race for Life that I would have thought there must have been at least one other C25ker there. I've just been talking to my daughter who also did the run and we have decided next time, all things going well, we are going to join the runners section! Yes, the Runners section :)

Great news. Very well done. It's great to know the training you've done made such a difference to how you tackled the race and its effect on you. The local race was postponed here because of flooding following terrible weather on Thursday, but will take place at the end of the month. I'm not ready for one yet but I might challenge my daughter one day!

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hollyOGraduate in reply to happierswimming

Thankyou! Are you in the Midlands? I know its been horrific in some areas. Maybe you could do the postponed race. Is there a C25K for swimmers?! :)

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happierswimmingGraduate in reply to hollyO

Yes, I live in rainy Leicestershire. Freak storms last week with hailstones the size of golf balls so lots of water damage. Good job i like swimming! No c25k for swimmers but I did a 5k charity swim in April. Takes a lot longer than running though :)

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Oooh you must have been near me in all that. I have NHS couch to 5k written on my back and was very pleased with myself for running the whole wy esp as the lOnger run I'd done before that was 28 mins. And I did it in 35 mins so really really pleased. Well done to you too :) we were lucky with the weather

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hollyOGraduate in reply to Tiger79

Oh I wish I had seen you! There were lots of walkers to overtake all the way through - did you notice that? Didnt manage to overtake many runners tho! Fantastic time and you havent even finished the programme! Well done you :)

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Well done you! that's a fantastic time - shaving about 8 minutes of your previous PB is just amazing. Congratulations.

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hollyOGraduate in reply to jenniej

Thankyou! I hope the clock was working! Iam very happy :D

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Well done, you were amazing. What a great time. I bet you feel really wonderful after that, I can't believe that the people cheering you on makes that much difference. I will just have to wait and see won't I in three weeks time.

So what's your next goal?

Congratulations you are amazing. X

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hollyOGraduate in reply to mrslazy

Thankyou! Oh yes, the support must have made all the difference because I didnt think about my aches/pains/toilet/thirst at all! I was swept along on a tide of support - and a determination to overtake people even if they were walking!

My tip for your race is to definitely go with the runners (not joggers) because even some runners are walking within a few hundred yards.

Wish I could do it with you :)

My next goal - maybe a Parkrun but not sure if Iam brave enough! :)

Really well done and a fantastic personal best :)

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hollyOGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Thankyou! :)

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Well done, good time too, its quite nerve wracking doing your first run but then you just want to do another and another.

Oh you just have to do a Parkrun now its compulsory :) and they are a friendly bunch too. When you register to get your barcode don't forget to tag

NHS C25Km as your running club. This way when other people check out the website they will see C25K popping up all over the country. Its a wonderful way to advertise a wonderful programme. Really pleased you had a good time.

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hollyOGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thankyou! I will do that. Iam gearing up to the Parkrun! :)

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That's fantastic hollyO, what a great time you did!!! :)

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hollyOGraduate in reply to AliB1

Thankyou! I cant believe it myself :)

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Oh you've done brill! Well done-I am doing my race for life in Pontefract in 3 weeks eek. I dont currently run anywhere near 5k [week 7] so not sure how I'll get on, but looking forward to it anyway! Good luck with your Parkrun! x

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hollyOGraduate in reply to Barney019

Thankyou! It was amazing! Just remember that you wont be last and that is for sure! :)

Well done, Holly, that's fantastic! Bet you are still smiling - and so you should be! :)

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hollyOGraduate in reply to rubbishrunner

Thankyou! It is still sinking in that I actually did it! :)

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Whoopeee to you!! Well done, you must be so pleased and I'm sure your family are very proud of you. The support and being able to share here too makes it so much more worthwhile and an inspiration to others. :)

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hollyOGraduate in reply to BettyTwinkle

Thankyou! The support I have received from all you bloggers and questioners has really been invaluable. I have also picked up loads of tips! :)

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A belated congratulations HollyO - what a great way to carry on after C25K. I'm so pleased at your time too, that was amazing! Won't it be great when we all have T-shirts?

My only wish is that I could join you all. I live in Paris, which of course has it's benefits - but they don't have these community runs like in the UK. There are runs but you have to have a doctor's certificate to join, pay a hefty fee (in my view at least) and I bet they all go for it quite grimly and seriously. Perhaps I'll have to plan a trip to the UK to join in the fun!

Let us know whatl ife after C25K brings, what is your running programme?

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hollyOGraduate in reply to Nevertoolate

Thankyou! Bonsoir to you! (spelling?!) How exotic, running alongside the Seine! Iam seriously going to have to make some post C25K plans. At the moment I need to increase my speed and prove that yesterday's time wasn't a fluke. I think I need to do another 5K or join a Parkrun. Iam waiting for the new podcast too. We are lucky to have these types of runs here. Maybe you could start something in Paris? Recruit only people who are slower than you! :D

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Well done Holly - what a brilliant time. The Parkrun definately beckons for you now!

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hollyOGraduate in reply to MissV

Thankyou! I have mentioned it too many times. Soon Iam going to have to go and do it! :D

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You'll be fab - you've got the time to prove it!

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