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Can't believe I just ran 5.3 miles!

I was meant to do 5 miles today (following a Runner's World training plan) and had been really worried about it. The longest run I have done so far since getting off my butt and doing Couch 2 5k was 4 miles last week.

I was also worried as this was the first (sort of) warm morning I have run since taking up running in November! But good practice as the 10k I am training for is in June so it might be (?) warm then!

I am also very impressed because instead of the lovely flat canal paths I have been using, I went up the forestry in Afan Argoed (pic) which is a gradual non stop slope up and ran up it for nearly the whole of the first 3.5 miles (that was tough) but then it seemed really much easier (on the lungs if not the legs) when I turned round to run the last 1.5 miles slightly downhill. I was feeling ok so I kept going after 5 miles. Stopped at 5.3 to put dog back on lead as loads of mountain bikers were coming up the track and then decided not to overdo it so just walked briskly for the 2 miles back to the car. Going to have a short swim now.

This running lark is just so much fun lol!

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That's fantastic! I really struggled going up a slight slope yesterday. I'm going to be naughty today and go out for the second day in a row. This time with a friend who is planning on doing 5 miles so I don't think I will be able to keep up for all of it! Wish me luck!


That sounds like a great run and what views!

Have to say don't always think this running lark is fun whilst out there....but normally look back and think I enjoyed that!

Lucy - I couldn't do 2 days on a trot...my shins are so sore after yesterdays run :( Have a good run


You are just amazing! 5.3 miles and then a swim.... you'll be entering triathlons any minute!


Ha ha! The swim was a very leisurely 20 lengths, to help recover after the run!


Wow. What a great run! A wonderful achievement.


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