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Shut up, mind! You have nothing to say! (W5/R3)

I did it! I ran for 20 minutes straight! (Okay, minus a few seconds because my stupid laces untied themselves).

I was fine for the first few minutes of the run, but then I noticed my mind starting to go "You know you are not allowed to stop this time? 20 minutes... That's more than last time..." But then I told my mind to shut up. My argument: I did 8 minutes twice a few days ago. Now it's "only" that but with running the bit that I was walking last time. Haha, okay...

But this run showed that a lot of it is willpower. And I proved to myself that I have the willpower to carry on if I really want to. Even though my mind was going "Maybe walk a little after half-time?", I decided I'll see what to do when I'm there. On being there I knew I would be annoyed with myself if I'd have stopped. So i didn't.

Until - about 12 minutes in - the lace of my left shoe started to get loose. Great. What to do? Stop and risk not getting into the rhythm again? The rhythm I found by now and with that I managed to shut my mind up? I carried on for a few meters and then stopped to tie the lace. And I nearly fell over when I stopped! Ops.

But I managed to find my rhythm again very quickly and carried on. On my last run it took me 8 minutes for the part I had left. That seemed very long! But then Laura piped up with "Only 5 minutes left!" and I was reliefed. 5 Minutes didn't seem that long! And when she announced that there were only 2 minute to go, I knew I would do that! Why stop after 18 minutes!?

And just "like that" I can for 20 minutes and covered 4,3 kilometers. Seeing it like that, it isn't that far to go from there.

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whoooppp! You are so right a lot of the time it is more of a mind game than physical. well done for completing the full 20 mins, you should be really proud of yourself :) :)


Thank you! :)


Just think- 4 weeks ago running for 5 mins would have seemed impossible. Now you're saying 5 mins to go didn't seem that long!

There'll be no stopping you and that willpower from now on! Go you


True. God, a few weeks ago even 3 minutes was hard!

Ha, I love what this plan does to me! :D


Yes, the mind is definitely a big factor in progress. Running outside really helps for me, because I can try to distract myself by looking at my surroundings. I did my Week 5 run 1 on Friday and actually had a really good run after a couple not-so-great ones. Felt so good to actually do the 5 minute runs and have it not feel like so much. Getting ready to do the run 2 with 8 minute runs today, but trying not to think about the run 3. Everyone says it's not so bad, but it's scary.


I've now done W5R2 twice - putting off W5R3?! Noooooo, just preparing myself ;)

Actually I'm quite excited (don't tell two-months-ago me!)


I will do my W5R3 today.Suzi thanks for the tip. I am very excited and very worry at the same time. I hope I can run 20 minutes it!


I did W5R3 this morning and forgotten that it was the "20" min one. Oh my! When Laura told me, my mouth went dry, breathing started to panic and then she said, "Don't worry, it might seem like a big leap, but you've already done all the hard work in preparation". I trusted her, but the mind is the key here isn't it? A couple of runs ago, I was puffing like nobody's business and couldn't imagine coping. I find that if I forget myself and relax it seems to work for me .... managed to get to the end; some of my running during the time might have been more slug than hare!! The feeling of achievement is immense and I'm looking forward to the next one now!! As with alot of things, the anticipation and the fear is actually worse than the action - mind over matter :)


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