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W5 R3 Easy when you go slow

Was going to do this Monday but the weather was good today. I ran on a different surface and it became boggy at the end so I didn't manage to run the 3km mini target I had set myself. 20 minutes continuous running was a big step up and I think this is the biggest step up in the whole course. That said, I think if you are comfortable at running 8 minute blocks , its not THAT big of a mental hurdle.

I ran only 2.3km in the 20 minutes but the surface was getting ridiculous! I hadn't set a pace objective but I guess I'm averaging at 2.5 km in 20 minutes anyway when I am running so this was an expected time. I didn't fancy running 5km though , I think my legs have had enough for a while.

Ran 20 minutes , walked 32 minutes

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You're right. This is the biggie in the programme although many people get caught out with the next run because it's back to intervals so beware!

But you did it! And you've learned the biggest lesson here, to keep it slow. Very well done to you, it's a big achievement running continuously for 20 minutes 🏃🏃🏃 and you should be proud.

Don't worry about the distance. Just keep following the programme and after graduation you can start to look at distance and speed. Most people don't manage to run 5K on graduation. It's enough to run for 30 minutes.


Thanks. I'm having to slow myself down to avoid overloading it. I think that's a good point about being wary of week 6 Run 1. I am sure many have fallen at that fence!

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Not fallen..but stumbled :)

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Congrats on finishing week 5 run 3! The week 6 run1 intervals was a surprise to me too.

I also finished the 20 min run today and just assumed I would be running continuously from this point.

I am running on a treadmill and have been v aware of my speed and am considering running outside so that if I want to slow down it will just happen naturally.

Congrats! Well done!


Well done yourself. I think from a motivational point of view , running outside is so much better. I was so loathe to run outside that I was going to get a treadmill, even though I had no where to put it really. It's also nice to run on different surfaces if you can get the chance.


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