Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K W5, R3

I've just completed W5, R3 (20 minutes nonstop) and I just wanted to say, I can't believe I did it. I never thought I could run for that long nonstop and that includes at the start of run 3 but I made it.

To everyone else out there who is yet to reach it and wonders if they'll be able to do it - have faith, the podcasts up to this point really do build you up to it and it IS definitely doable.

Can't wait to go to W6 now. Thank you so much NHS for making these podcasts, they really have changed my life!

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Bit of a high then? No seriously, well done.


Great achievement. Well done :)


I did my run 3 as well last night!!! Couldn't believe I ran for 20 minutes! Celebrated with a glass of vino!!!


I did my w5r3 run this morning and felt the same! I found the first part sooooo hard (mixture of uphill and is always find the first bit hard) but I did it! And for the first time ever, I found my muscles ached a bit after which was a nice feeling!

Big congratulations! You've achieved so much since week 1, run 1!


As it says in the advert "what a feeling!!!!!".

I have never, ever as far as I can remember, felt such a sense of achievement and/or accomplishment.

I did W5R3 yesterday just after midday and whilst it was hot I was determined and I succeeded.

Congratulations to all no matter what Week or Run they are on!!


Well done on completing week 5 - it is a great feeling. However, please treat week 6 with respect - it's a lot tougher than it appears. The return to intervals is no soft option and it often catches people out. Keep it very slow (and even slower than that!), steady and stay calm. This will see you through okay. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


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