Talk to me about W5 R3 please!

I think I'm in need of virtual hand holding!

Ran w5r2 today which wasn't so bad although I was mighty pleased when Laura told me to stop running. I just can't make the leap of imagination from doing two lots of 8 minutes with a lovely restful 5 minute walk in the middle to a whole 20 minutes of running. There is even a little voice in my head which keeps telling me I don't want to run for 20 minutes, thank you very much. I think this is my fear of failure trying to tell me to not even bother.

So, please may I have some hints, tips and stirring stories of derring-do to shut that little voice up?


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9 Replies

  • I did wk5 r3 this morning. I felt exactly the same as you. I even didn't sleep too well last night as I was quite nervous about it. Anyway I did it! I found the first 10mins much tougher than the second 10. I think it really is a case of mind over matter. You have followed the programme so ARE ready for this. I just kept telling myself that 'I will do it, I will do it' over and over again. Like I say as when I got to past halfway I really started to enjoy it and even managed to speed up in the last 2 mins.

    Keep shouting louder than that little voice in your head!

  • My little voice is actually a gremlin who sits on my shoulder saying, you can't do feel feel're legs are really can't breathe.

    Know what? He was particularly bad around week 5!!!!

    Trust the program, listen to laura, don't set off too fast, take it nice and slowly..YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! You've done all the hard work so far :):)

  • I felt the same too, did that run last Sat. but you will find you are ready for it, and you won't need the rest in the middle because I found that it actually disturbed my pace and breathing. Just take it slowly and lift your head you will be fine xx. look forward to hearing how you do. P.s.Tell that silly voice to go away x

  • Strangely enough, by this point in the programme you will find that a single long run is magically easier than two shorter intervals. You're fit enough to do it by now and the rest is all in your head - your brain just understands you are on a twenty minute run and your body somehow goes along without complaining.

    You'll enjoy it. Trust me :-)


  • I got myself into a right sweat the day before and the day of that run!

    Like you, I just couldnt get my head round the concept!

    But I just kept saying to myself every time I felt doubtful, "Well, whats the worst that can happen? You just have to give it a go. Millions of people have done it and succeeded so why shouldnt I?"

    IT IS THE BIGGEST BUZZ GOING WHEN YOU DO IT LOL! I texted everyone I knew and told complete strangers what I had just achieved too!

    As others have said, just take it steady, and you WILL do it! I would wish you good luck, but you dont need it x

  • I'm in exactly the same position, I even put off doing W5R2 yesterday telling myself I was too tired, but I think really I'm trying to delay getting to R3. I'm going to keep reading through everyone's fab posts and telling myself that so many other people have made it through that hopefully I'll be ok! Good luck, let us know how it goes!

  • Ah that little voice in your head eh? He's a devil you know, He'll do anything to put you off! Don't let him, week 5 isn't as tough as you imagine it to be, remember you have trained your body to cope with this, you will be OK. And that devil, kick him into touch :)

  • Imagine this: that Laura has a camera on you, slow down when you feel tired, breathe deeply in through your nose and out through you mouth, AND that you CAN do this! I didn't think I could do W5 but I did and you can, too! Instead of that "devil" on your shoulder, let it be "mr./ms. confidence" sitting on your shoulder helping you put one foot in front of the other...cheering you on!

  • I too cannot get my head around doing run 3 in week 5 just completed run 2 in week 5 and it feels like there will be such a leap but reading throught these posts has given me the cinfidence to at least give it a go on thursday and just push through how i feel. I have found throuout this program that i do need to have to push myself mentally to keep going and i always complete my runs so will concentrate on telling myself same as everybody else keep going marie you can do it many others have.

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