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I only ever wanted to walk 5K and run 1K!!!!


When I first started out 5 months ago - long before I had ever even heard of C25K, I decided that I wanted to get more mobile on my feet. I have seen others of my vintage and didn't like what I saw - and realised that I was little better. So I wanted to do something!! -- but what exactly?? What should my goals be??

I decided that I wanted to walk 5 klms with ease - and to be able to run 1Klm! I thought that I had a very good chance of achieving the first -- but the second was really just a fantasy :) Run 1klm - non-stop!!! Giggle!!!!!

Well anyway - I think that I can say that I can now walk 5 K easily and I can even run 1K . Who would have thought!!!!

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I never had a problem with walking long distances, but even when at school the idea of running for a mile seemed ridiculous. In fact, ten weeks ago the idea of running a mile still seemed ridiculous. Yesterday I timed myself and ran 1.9m in 20 mins. Total transformation.

Don't know about you, Bazza, but the next thing is a healthier diet. Fewer biscuits and more fruit...

... and before you know it you find you've ticked off a cheeky little 10k and are planning the next adventure! It's funny how the goalposts start moving, almost without us realising it's happening. Half marathon next? :-)


Well done BAz. Keep at it. Oh by the way I am studying jeff g as you recommend but was interested in what shoes he wears. Have you any idea? I found nothing on google. I think the answer may be on facebook but I dont do that

Bazza1234Graduate in reply to misswobble

No - I don't know -- but I have heard him rubbish the concept of barefoot running and minimalist shoes. However he also rubbishes the concept of "good form" running and seems to encourage his students to "shuffle". I must admit that with my age, state of fitness , body shape, legs etc - I probably do more "shuffling" when running than I do "good form" running. --especially for longer distances.


I suppose it makes sense not to pound the pavement if you can shuffle along (well for us older runners not wanting to leave other runners in our dust that is) I just want to keep running without injury and to keep my weight stable. If shuffling means I can achieve that then I'm happy

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