What's happening to me?!?!

I have never been a competitive person in all my 40 something years. I've never cared that I come last in most things- at least I take part. As a child I watched my 4 siblings cheat constantly at Monopoly, Kerplunk and Buckeroo to get the upper hand and couldn't be bothered to try and keep up when I could sit still & lose for a quiet life.

But now, following the blogs on this forum, I committed a couple of weeks ago to doing a Parkrun on 2nd June and tonight alone I have emailed my local running group to ask about sessions near me AND signed up for a 5k race on 27th June.

And why? Because so many graduates on here are inspiring me by moving onward and upward and I don't want to be left behind!!!!!

Looks like C25K changes people in more ways than just getting fit.....

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  • :) its sneaky but c25k really does change us!

    Congratulations on the running club and the races. Keep us informed how it goes.

  • 2nd June is in my diary too....... and I'm getting similar yearnings for clubs and times ooh and a wicking T shirt and a Garmin and.......

    I told my vicar recently I was in danger of getting addicted (we have these regular confession times :-) ). He replied 'well, it's not such a bad thing to be addicted to, is it?'. I found out a couple of weeks later he's been sneaking out running too! :-D

  • A running vicar......that conjurs up such a vision :) Have you inspired him too then?! ;)

  • Ooooooooo once you take your first hit of wicking 'T' no material will quote satisfy!

  • :) Love that this running lark is giving us new challenges! The email to running club is just the start....let us know how you get on!

  • I feel the same, I woke up this morning and panicked as I won't be doing my usual Friday run as I have rae for life on Sunday ( have I mentioned that?!?!?!)

    But then thought, no probs I'll run to Paignton and back on Monday.........That's a heap big lot of mileage so I think I may be going quit mad.....I love it :)

  • It's a dangerous place in here......

  • The slippery slope we tread on...

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