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What's happening to me?!?!


I have never been a competitive person in all my 40 something years. I've never cared that I come last in most things- at least I take part. As a child I watched my 4 siblings cheat constantly at Monopoly, Kerplunk and Buckeroo to get the upper hand and couldn't be bothered to try and keep up when I could sit still & lose for a quiet life.

But now, following the blogs on this forum, I committed a couple of weeks ago to doing a Parkrun on 2nd June and tonight alone I have emailed my local running group to ask about sessions near me AND signed up for a 5k race on 27th June.

And why? Because so many graduates on here are inspiring me by moving onward and upward and I don't want to be left behind!!!!!

Looks like C25K changes people in more ways than just getting fit.....

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:) its sneaky but c25k really does change us!

Congratulations on the running club and the races. Keep us informed how it goes.


2nd June is in my diary too....... and I'm getting similar yearnings for clubs and times ooh and a wicking T shirt and a Garmin and.......

I told my vicar recently I was in danger of getting addicted (we have these regular confession times :-) ). He replied 'well, it's not such a bad thing to be addicted to, is it?'. I found out a couple of weeks later he's been sneaking out running too! :-D

PatButcherGraduate in reply to juicydee

A running vicar......that conjurs up such a vision :) Have you inspired him too then?! ;)

Greg_MGraduate in reply to juicydee

Ooooooooo once you take your first hit of wicking 'T' no material will quote satisfy!


:) Love that this running lark is giving us new challenges! The email to running club is just the start....let us know how you get on!


I feel the same, I woke up this morning and panicked as I won't be doing my usual Friday run as I have rae for life on Sunday ( have I mentioned that?!?!?!)

But then thought, no probs I'll run to Paignton and back on Monday.........That's a heap big lot of mileage so I think I may be going quit mad.....I love it :)


It's a dangerous place in here......


The slippery slope we tread on...

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