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What's happened to me #2


So I work for an global charity. I am the FD so sometimes have to go overseas. Might have to go to New York. My first thought? That would be cool I could run in Central Park. I have been to NY many times never ever considered this. WTF

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Ha, that's great. I know exactly what you mean. What's happening to us?! Some sort of funny brainwashing. When I was running the other day I was going though my head all the places round the world I have visited and how cool it would I've been to run there.

KimLoulouGraduate in reply to reluctantrunner76

I am really busy the rest of the week. Planning my second park run on Saturday. Thinking of getting up at 6am and running BEFORE work.

You know Central Park is on my running bucket list. Never really been bothered about bucket lists but I have noticed over time a few runs have been creeping in that I would like to do 😀.


Ha ha! You're hooked now. Drawn in. No going back now. Enjoy your running tourism. I only managed Redcar thus far. LOL


Brilliant - it's on my bucket list too! You should definitely try and do that!☺

You know I was so miffed this afternoon when it was chucking down with rain and I didn't quite have enough time to go to Sweaty Betty for their sale. Let's do the checklist - thinking of Lycra/spandex (in case you're American....) - get slightly angry when the run schedule gets upset, thinks trainers are the new Louboutins, starts finding other places where it's possible to run.

Yup it's confirmed a new member to Runners Anonymous 😀


Great.. I think a few folk have done this before...:)

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