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What's been happening in the last month and what's next

Well it’s been a while (nearly a month) since I’ve posted & my HM so what’s been going on? Excuse the long ramble but I do find blogging about what I’ve done helps as I’ve got something to go back to when the times are tough....I’ve recently read my previous blogs and can’t believe how far I’ve come!

I’ve been thinking about what my next challenge will be as I need a goal to keep me going and I’ve decided! I’m going to concentrate on a couple of things

1) Keeping my fitness at a level so could do 10 miles / HM again if wanted (Note to self – Get out there and do a longer run!)

2) Get a bit faster

1) is easy enough and I know what to do so just need to get out there but for 2) wasn’t sure what I was going to do to achieve this. After spending a fab day watching the London marathon cheering on mates from my running club we celebrated in the local pub and I committed to moving up running groups on a Tuesday (amazing what a few beers does!)....scary thought but one of the leaders of the group told me I could to it SO I have done it!!! I ran with the new group last week and whilst I found it quite tough I did enjoy it and will be continuing with the group going forward. Go me! I am also going to investigate a session another club runs on a Thursday which is about speed work (got all the same nerves about it as I did before I joined my club)

In the pub after the marathon and at work when talking about how inspiring it was to watch I was quite categorical that I’d NEVER to one and was definitely not entering the ballot. However, the running aliens over took my body and registered me!!! Still not sure I want to do it but will leave it the hands of fate...if I get a place I’m doing it! Decided I wasn’t going to tell anyone and wait until a place was confirmed (or not) but a few beers last night and I’ve told my mates at the running club! YIKES Need to keep my fitness up just in case!

Have signed up for a couple of 10ks one tomorrow and one next Saturday to keep me going....will need to look for some other races over the summer. My last official 10k was about 74 mins so I’d love to do it in a number starting with 6....I will post back and let you know how I get on.

Last week we had a 4 way mob match with 3 other local running clubs which was fun...I came joint last with a lady from a rival club after we got lost in the woods lol....I think we must have been talking so much that we missed the flags showing the way (that or it was badly marked out). Can you get Garmins with Sat Nav? I think I need one. Just proves it’s all about the taking part and having fun...doesn’t matter where you come.

Last thing I wanted to share is that last night I won an award at our annual running club social...BEST NEW RUNNER.....OMG I was so shocked and so very proud do have received this’s something that the club vote on..I would post a picture of my amazing trophy/shield that I get to keep for a year but always have problems doing it on this site. When I look at the names on it from previous years I’m in very illustrious company...Jason won 3 years ago and this year he did the London marathon in 2hr 29 (41st place!!!)...could that be me in 3 years? Maybe not, but so looking forward to what the next year in my running journey brings :) :) :) Smiling so much!

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Congratulations on you achievements - it's amazing to see how far everyone is coming on from C25K. You're doing amazingly well & are an inspiration :-)


Congratulations on your very special award - that's so lovely, and well-deserved too. Brilliant! :) As for the marathon... Well good luck to you!


Brilliant, well done !

And I did exactly the same thing with the London Marathon ballot - I still don't know why !


moment of madness I think....kind of hoping I don't get in but then again...????


I'm working on the idea that if I get in, it was meant to happen. If I don't it really doesn't matter. But I do find myself hoping....;-)


Congratulations on winning the trophy, Ali! That's great, as to hear you moving up a running group at your running club. I'm sure with the extra push from this you'll soon hit a 60-something 10K.


Hi. We all watched you prepping for your half marathon, and youinspired at least one (me) to go for one. Blinkin' heck. If you do a full marathon, we'll have to follow your shining example. DON'T DO IT ... GIVE YOUR PLACE TO SOMEONE ELSE ... I DON'T WANT TO DO A MARATHON! Well, maybe ...

Bet of luck - you kow you can do it. Champion runner!


Disappointed :( and pleased :) at the same time!!!! Today's run was tough (aren't they all) in the heat. I beat my 10k PB by 1 min 51 sec PB which I am happy with but missed out on having a finishing time start with 6! Oh well, next week is the next chance to chase a PB.

Have to say the last 100 metres was fun as a couple of guys from my running club ran with me and I sprinted, yeah SPRINTED felt so good..shame the previous 9k had felt so hard lol


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