Newbie here - am on week 3 & need padding for my foot, any reccs?

I'm surprised at how easy I've found it so far, but I'm struggling with an ache/pressure pain in my left foot. This started back in March when I foolishly wore high wedges & walked alot, plus rubbish cushioning in ballet flats.

It's in the middle by the ball of my foot, right where you push the clutch pedal down in the car & as I live urban, I'm using the clutch a lot :(

I've been wearing party feet in all my shoes - heels & flats & it helps, but I don't wear socks in my trainers as I find the end up crunching my toes up & think party feet would be weird.

Anyone got any padding tips?


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8 Replies

  • Treat yourself to some proper running socks - quite cheap at Sports Direct - they have extra support and are labelled "L" and "R" so you get support in the right places - I was amazed how much nicer they felt. Gel insoles are also a possibility. And gait analysis at a proper running shop. HTH.

  • Ohh, thank you, am saving gait analysis for when I can run rather than "run" ;) I work near a runnersneed so can pop down one lunch time.

  • When I first started attempting to"run", I had a lot of pain in my knees and feet. My boss, a keen runner, nagged me to have gait analysis. I was amazed at the difference the recommended shoes made - I still had achy muscles, as you would expect, but the "bad" pain was gone. For me, I don't think I would have been able to persevere with the program had I not had the gait analysis and suitable shoes at an early stage.

  • Jaelle, I would be inclined to have the gait analysis done sooner rather than later. I know that the wrong shoes caused me considerable knee pain. If you injure yourself it can put you back for a frustrating length of time. SFT350 is right about running socks they also make a massive difference. Good luck.

  • i can second the running sock thing they also absorb the sweat really effectively. whe nyou buy running shoes at our running shop, they usually chuck a pair in free :-) xx brilliant

  • Have you tried compeed blister plasters? They are for blisters but may help too - try asking at the pharmacy - they give free advice and may be able to help

  • Thanks everyone - I suspect gait analysis won't be pretty - had a congenital hip problem at birth (clicky hips) & ended up with trapped nerve ends when the Dr clicked them back in - this left me with a limp of 2.5 inches by aged 11 which I had corrective surgery for. This is coupled with the natural position of my feet (without thinking) to be ten to two!

    What do I do if they recommend shoes that I can't possibly afford (anything over £35 really :( )

    The soonest I can do it is the week after next - am on hols & going to repeat week 3 while away cos i don't know the terrain.

  • I think that, with your history, the gait analysis would be even more useful ! If they suggest shoes you can't afford, don't be afraid to tell them you are on a budget - they'd almost certainly rather find you a suitable alternative then see you walk out the door empty handed ! And if not, then make a mental note of their recommendations and try and find them cheaper on 'tinternet. You may find that, if you can't afford new shoes, they can recommend suitable insoles to provide any support you need.

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