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Week 3 - horrible from here on

Mid way through week 3 and, well, it's pretty hard going. Maybe it's the heat or maybe I've caught up with my fitness level and it'll be horrible from here on. My legs are sore.

Run 2 completed followed by extra outsideness of a short walk to the Docs. My blood pressure medication dose doubled, again. Which means another follow up appointment and another blood test - in which I'll probably faint, again.

To be fair, she did take two lots last time. A greedy double helping. Although nowhere near the old imperial measure of an arm-full. She asked if I'd like to lie down. I'd clearly flashed up on her screen as a fainty wimp. "Noo. I'll be ok."


I seriously need to man up! I've got 4 weeks until the follow up visit when I can woo the Doc with my BP lowering lifestyle changes (no salt on my chips and this exercise thing). Just 4 weeks to man up. Next time I'll be stood tall, stripped to the waist. A flexing display of pure manly prowess as I expertly, with a smile and a wink, ooze my precious life giving blood into her bloody little bottle (I feel faint already).

Not sweaty and pale with my head between my knees. Curled up, rocking and sucking on child's lollipop like last time. Oh no.

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love your post! Glad you have maintained a sense of humour despite a docs appointment and sore legs, and hope its the doc fainting next time when your vast improvement shocks them !


The heat doesn't help but also do remember to just take it really slow at this stage. Pace improves naturally, down the line! So many people have posted on here about the bp lowering effects of running, so I wish you all the best🙂


RIGHT! That's enough. You've had one dodgy run, but I believe you've been going gangbusters up to now. You haven't caught up with your fitness level, it was jus a tougher day.  Repeat after me, 'yes, I can'. Now polish up that positive attitude and get ready to get back on that horse. 

And don't watch when they stick the needle in!

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Hahahahahahahaha! So funny. I'm laughing out loud. Oops sorry that's sounds awful you fainting and finding the run hard and everything but you can tell a great yarn Steve!  "No salt on my chips". Haha! Love it.

*with my serious face on* - some runs are hard for no obvious reason so put it behind you and forget about it. The next one will be great.


You had a bad run pfffttt even Paula Radcliffe has bad days. And you don't 'catch up' with your fitness level, you just improve it. I don't know what you look like now but 4 weeks is not a very long time to achieve the full Adonis 💪. And, if running has the same effect on your blood pressure and resting heart rate as it's had on mine (W6R2 today) she will be so dazzled by the numbers she won't notice if you faint. Good luck 👍


It shouldn't be horrible from here on in but if your blood pressure isn't pretty then maybe it is a matter of plodding on until you hit the sweet spot of your improving fitness meeting your medication being just right.


Great post... and if it was not so horrid f0r you... I would still be giggling. 

White coat syndrome..... is no joke. My husband has it.

You are doing brilliantly... and this is just a knock back...:)

Just you hang on in there... close your eyes and think of England or wherever... If I have something really horrid happening to me... with me, it is dentist visits.. I take myself to a really happy place... maybe try it ?

As the Nurse might say to you, next time.... " Come on... show me how big your brave is " ! :)

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Ha ha ! Love it ! :-)

What are we going to do with you - hey ? :-) Did you mention the Crazy-O Vision to the doc whilst you were there ?

Ah never mind about the tough run, chalk it off , its done and dusted and put it down the back of the sofa where all the loose change and odd socks go .

My Sis used to work on the mobile blood donors unit, she told me of a few fainters . One was the chairman of a Football Club and another one was an actor in a soap, so there you go, youre in very illustrious company :-)

All part of lifes rich tapestry ..... :-) xxx


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