Week 3 - any advice

Hi - I've just started on couch to 5k and mid way through week 3. This is my 2nd attempt and I'm feeling really positive about it.

Have any of you any tips on when - or how to regulate your breathing?? Someone told me it takes a few weeks to settle down - I feel that I'm concentrating on doing the running - and can't seem to think about my breathing as well. Should I just relax and it will happen. Hope this makes sense ....


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8 Replies

  • Hello and well done for getting to week three. I certainly struggled with breathing to start with but have found, with time, I no longer have to think about it. You are correct - of you relax you will give your lungs more space to breathe. Make sure your shoulders are down and just make sure you breathe in and out!

  • Indeed it does somehow just seem to get there. I think everyone struggles with this to start with, I certainly did. I find the less I think about it the better otherwise I just overthink it! I think I found it improving around the week 4-5 mark, but I guess everyone will be different. Keeping my head up helps & making sure not to slouch over, give your lungs as much room as they can get!

  • Thanks both - it's better than it was. Week 1 was I was bright red and gasping!! That makes me feel much better - I stop worrying about it and wait for it to just happen naturally. Colleague runs a running club and said it takes 3/4 weeks to settle down. Thanks for advice..

  • If you can't breathe comfortably, then you are running too fast for your current level of fitness............slow down to a sustainable pace, at which you can breathe. You will speed up in time but it is not a demand of this training plan.

    Well done. With this forum on your side, you will do it this time.

  • Thanks for the advice - I'll stick with it and hopefully it will settle down in time

  • If you are having to think about it, it probably means you are trying to run too fast. Try going at a pace where you could hold a conversation with someone, at least get a few words out. Going more slowly, you will find your body does what it needs to do. Pace can come later, when you are fitter.

  • Just run and breathe....breathe and run....that is all you need to do :)

  • That feels like very good advice!! I'll carry on and stop stressing!! App was talking about counting you're breaths but that's beyond me at this stage. Thanks for response.

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